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Multiscale Molecular Modelling

Original Event Webpage: www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/1030/

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Title Formats Available
Day 1 10:00 - Enhancing conformational sampling from mass scaling and adiabatic dynamics to spatial warping... - Mark Tuckerman PowerPoint Format [PPT] (72.40 MB)
Day 1 11:50 - Computing free-energy differences with (non)equilibrium Langevin dynamics - Gabriel Stoltz Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.62 MB)
Day 2 14:10 - Beyond hydrodynamics by dynamical NEMD: the time-evolution of liquid interfaces - Giovanni Ciccotti [ZIP] (8.30 MB)
Day 2 15:30 - MS2 - Markovian approximation of underresolved mechanical systems - Carsten Hatrmann Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (1.09 MB)
Day 2 16:30 - Phase separation and structure formation in polymer melts studied by soft, coarse-grained models - Marcus Mueller PowerPoint Format [PPT] (11.62 MB)
Day 3 09:20 - Computing quantum dynamics in the semiclassical regime using Hagedorn wavepackets - Christian Lubich Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (1.04 MB)
Day 3 10:00 - Transition Paths of Conformational Change at Minimal Cost - Robert Skeel Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (6.30 MB)
Day 4 11:50 - Order-disorder and optimization in sampling trajectory space - David Chandler Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (4.51 MB)

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