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edikt2010 Symposium - Using Computing in your Research

Original Event Webpage: www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/1048/

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Title Formats Available
09:45 - The EastCHEM Research Compute Facility - 3 1/2 Years on, what have we done? - Carole Morrison [ZIP] (27.28 MB)
11:45 - Neuroimaging: Computational issues and challenges - Joanna Wardlaw PowerPoint Format [PPT] (4.63 MB)
12:10 - Brain imaging applications and computational challenges - George Cameron PowerPoint Format [PPT] (2.33 MB)
12:35 - From water random motion to brain's white matter fibres and the study of cognition - Susana Munoz Maniega PowerPoint Format [PPT] (9.25 MB)
14:15 - Towards efficient and practical high order adaptive finite elements - Mark Ainsworth [ZIP] (20.35 MB)
14:40 - Advanced Engineering Simulation and its future at EPCC - Mark Parsons PowerPoint Format [PPT] (4.95 MB)
15:35 - Visualisation and analysis of very large network graphs from high dimensional biological data - Tom Freeman Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (6.27 MB)
16:00 - Systematic interrogation and manipulation of cellular networks: from kinome to chemome - Mike Tyers PowerPoint Format [PPT] (32.03 MB)
16:25 - HPC for High Throughput Post-Genomic Data - Peter Ghazal PowerPoint Format [PPT] (5.27 MB)

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