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Workshop on Grid Performability Modelling and Measurement

Original Event Webpage: www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/379/index.cfm

Acrobat Reader Version 5.0 is required to view some of the documents listed below.

Title Formats Available
- Charging For Grid Access Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.03 MB)
- Evaluating the performance of skeleton-based grid applications Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.80 MB)
- Gathering and Using Performance Information with ICENI Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.61 MB)
- Grid & Performability PowerPoint Format [PPT] (3.50 MB)
- Optimal Scheduling Among Intermittently Unavailable Servers PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.12 MB)
- Optimal Server Allocation in Reconfigurable Clusters with Multiple Job Types PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.80 MB)
- Performability and Grid in an On Demand World PowerPoint Format [PPT] (2.39 MB)
- Performance Evaluation of a SNAP-based Community Resource Broker PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.36 MB)
- Predictive Workload Management for Grid Computing Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.42 MB)
- Summary Report Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.11 MB)

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