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Higgs-Maxwell Particle Physics Workshop

Original Event Webpage: www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/476/

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Title Formats Available
- 11:05 Graham Ross: 'WIMPs and neutrinos' PowerPoint Format [PPT] (1.29 MB)
- 11:55 Neil Spooner: 'Status and Prospects for WIMP/neutralino Searches' PowerPoint Format [PPT] (28.29 MB)
- 13:45 Chris Parkes: 'W Mass Measurements and Electroweak constraints' PowerPoint Format [PPT] (3.60 MB)
- 14:30 Terry Sloan: 'Acoustic detection of Ultra High Energy neutrinos' Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.25 MB)
- 14:50 David Cerdeno: 'Direct detection of neutralino dark matter in the NMSSM' Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (2.85 MB)
- 15:30 David Wark: 'Neutrino experiments, past, present and future' PowerPoint Format [PPT] (28.82 MB)
- 3 astrophysical measurements of neutrino mass. PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.82 MB)
- bb decay and neutrino mass. PowerPoint Format [PPT] (1.46 MB)
- Photo 1 JPG Format [JPG] (0.03 MB)
- Photo 2 JPG Format [JPG] (0.03 MB)
- Photo 3 JPG Format [JPG] (0.04 MB)
- Photo 4 JPG Format [JPG] (0.02 MB)
- Photo 5 JPG Format [JPG] (0.04 MB)
- Programme Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.01 MB)
- Summary Report Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.10 MB)
- Supernova neutrino PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.25 MB)
- Tritium PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.69 MB)
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