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Title Formats Available
- 01. e-Science and Data Mining: Workshop Introduction (Bob Mann) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.07 MB)
- 02. Review of questionnaires: e-science needs and e-science provision (Amos Storkey) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.40 MB)
- 03. GridMiner - A Framework for Knowledge Discovery on the Grid: Scientific Drivers and Contributions (Peter Brezany) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (1.25 MB)
- 04. Gridding the sky: an astronomical perspective (Andrew Connolly) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (36.06 MB)
- 05. Classical and myGrid approaches to data mining in bioinformatics (Peter Li) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (7.15 MB)
- 06. Efficient statistical learning from "big science" data (Andrew Moore) Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (2.88 MB)
- 07. Scalability, from a database systems perspective (Dave Abel) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.07 MB)
- 08. GridMiner - design and underlying Grid technology (Ivan Janciak) Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.21 MB)
- 09. Constructing Data Mining Applications based on Web Services Composition (Ali Shaikh Ali & Omer Rana) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.33 MB)
- 10. INWA: using OGSA-DAI between the UK, Australia and China (Terry Sloan) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (2.64 MB)
- 11. Pattern Matching against Distributed Datasets within DAME (Andy Pasley) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (2.12 MB)
- 12. Distributed Data Mining in Discovery Net (Moustafa Ghanem) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (8.82 MB)
- 13. GEDDM - Commercial Data Mining Using Distributed Resources (Mark Prentice) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.43 MB)
- 14. National Centre for Text Mining (John Keane) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.13 MB)
- 15. Statistical parsing for text mining from scientific articles (Ted Briscoe) Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.41 MB)
- 16. From BioNER to AstroNER: Porting Named Entity Recognition to a New Domain (Claire Grover) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.59 MB)
- 17. e-Science & Text Mining: a marriage made in heaven? (Moustafa Ghanem) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (2.37 MB)
- 18. Plans for breakout sessions (Bob Mann) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.02 MB)
- 19. Break-out Report Back 1: Distributed data and data integration (John Taylor) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.07 MB)
- 20. Break-out Report Back 2: Interoperating (Martin Hill) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.10 MB)
- 21. Workshop wrap-up (Bob Mann) PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.04 MB)
- Photo 1 JPG Format [JPG] (0.70 MB)
- Photo 2 JPG Format [JPG] (0.70 MB)
- Photo 3 JPG Format [JPG] (0.77 MB)
- Photo 4 JPG Format [JPG] (0.72 MB)
- Photo 5 JPG Format [JPG] (0.65 MB)
- Photo 6 JPG Format [JPG] (0.65 MB)
- Summary Report Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.01 MB)
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