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Grid Performance Workshop 2005

Original Event Webpage: www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/534

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Title Formats Available
- 01: Introduction- Jennifer Schopf PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.43 MB)
- 02: Performance Considerations within RealityGrid- Andrew Porter PowerPoint Format [PPT] (1.89 MB)
- 03: Grid Performance and Fusion Science- Justin Burruss PowerPoint Format [PPT] (6.48 MB)
- 04: Catalogue Access on the Grid- Birger Koblitz Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (1.00 MB)
- 05: The e-Science Programme in SR2004 and Beyond- Tony Hey PowerPoint Format [PPT] (4.38 MB)
- 06: Test harness and reporting framework- Shava Smallen PowerPoint Format [PPT] (2.04 MB)
- 07: Keeping a Hawkeye on The Grid- Nick LeRoy PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.15 MB)
- 08: Performance of the LHC Computing Grid (LCG)- David Colling PowerPoint Format [PPT] (3.41 MB)
- 09: Techniques for Monitoring Large Loosely-coupled Cluster Jobs- Brian Tierney PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.43 MB)
- 10: Use Case Scenarios for Performance Control of Grid-based Metacomputing- John Gurd PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.53 MB)
- 11: Simulation for Grid Computing- Henri Casanova PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.65 MB)
- 12: Comparing Performance Measurement Time Series- Matthew Allen Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (3.05 MB)
- 13: Forecasting Network Performance- Les Cottrell PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.45 MB)
- 14: Performance- Directed Resource Allocation- Seung-Hye Jang PowerPoint Format [PPT] (1.88 MB)
- 15: Performance in Medical Image Computing- Daniel Rueckert PowerPoint Format [PPT] (4.40 MB)
- 16: Towards Automatic Performance Tuning- I-Hsin Chung Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (2.20 MB)
- 17: The Grid: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly- Jack Dongarra PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.48 MB)
- 18: Workshop Summary- Jennifer Schopf PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.93 MB)
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