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JISC Core Middleware: developments within Security and Access Management

Original Event Webpage: www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/622/

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Title Formats Available
- 10.45 - Terry Morrow, Consultant, JISC, JISC Middleware Programme, Core Middleware and the e-Framework. PowerPoint Format [PPT] (2.01 MB)
- 11.15 - David Chadwick, University of Kent- PERMIS project. PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.55 MB)
- 11.35 - Mark Norman, The case for devolved authentication PowerPoint Format [PPT] (4.81 MB)
- 11.55 - Tim Chown, Southampton- LICHEN PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.09 MB)
- 13.15 - Andrew Cormack, Chief Security Advisor UKERNA- Grids: Just Another Program? PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.11 MB)
- 14.00 - Von Welch, Advances in Middleware Security - A Globus Perspective PowerPoint Format [PPT] (3.20 MB)

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