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2nd DIALOGUE Workshop

Original Event Webpage: www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/636/

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Title Formats Available
- Data Access and Integration in the ISPIDER Proteomics Grid. N Martin et al [PPS] (0.18 MB)
- Dialogue DataGrid Motivation Applications. Joel Saltz PowerPoint Format [PPT] (13.33 MB)
- DIALOGUE Discussion PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.05 MB)
- Dorian - Grid Identity and Federation. Stephen Langella PowerPoint Format [PPT] (5.28 MB)
- Introduction to eInfrastructure. Jennifer M. Schopf PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.76 MB)
- Meta Data breakout PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.05 MB)
- OGSA-DAI data access and integration. Neil Chue Hong PowerPoint Format [PPT] (4.48 MB)
- OGSA-DAI Requirements Gathering Exercise. Neil Chue Hong PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.72 MB)
- Patterns and Notation for OGSA-DAI. Malcolm Atkinson PowerPoint Format [PPT] (2.78 MB)
- Providing Data Access and Data Related Monitoring Information for Data Integration on the Grid. Alexander Wohrer and Peter Brezany PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.16 MB)
- SASF Demo Slides Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.25 MB)
- SASF presentation Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.28 MB)
- Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge. Jessie Kennedy PowerPoint Format [PPT] (1.65 MB)
- Storm. Umit Catalyurek PowerPoint Format [PPT] (17.01 MB)
- Text Mining Within the GridMiner Framework. Ivan Janciak et al PowerPoint Format [PPT] (0.20 MB)
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