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MVM Research Symposium

Original Event Webpage: www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/910/

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Title Formats Available
- 09:20 - Overview of IT Development at the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility. Elizabeth McDowell and Dixon Jackson Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.14 MB)
- 09:50 - Microarray bias and data integration for breast cancer meta-analysis. Andy Sims Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (1.68 MB)
- 10:05 - Bioinformatics in the Queen's Medical Research Institute. Donald Dunbar Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.77 MB)
- 10:20 - The IUPHAR Database of Receptors and Ion Channels. Joanna L. Sharman Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (1.27 MB)
- 10:35 - IT and Brain Imaging. Trevor Carpenter Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.28 MB)
- 10:50 - Data Management in Generation Scotland. Archie Campbell Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.36 MB)
- 11:30 - How EPCC can help you with computationally demanding code and large dataset. Eilidh Grant Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.30 MB)
- 11:45 - The numerous applications of protein structure bioinformatics. Dinesh C. Soares Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (1.17 MB)
- 12:00 - Searching for Susceptibility Genes for Psychiatric illness. Andrea Chrisoforou Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.68 MB)
- 12:15 - Bioinformatics at Roslin. Andy Law Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.11 MB)
- 12:30 - Image deconvolution. Rolly Wiegand Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.27 MB)
- 12:45 - Using ECDF resources to develop new algorithms and tools for mapping epistatic QTL. Wenhua Wei Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.34 MB)

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