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ECDF and Research Computing

Original Event Webpage: www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/923/

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Title Formats Available
- 14:00 - How did we get here? Peter Clarke Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.50 MB)
- 14:15 - SAGES and the ECDF. Simon Tett and Mike Mineter Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.60 MB)
- 14:30 - Architecture/Compiler Co-Design space exploration. Christophe Dubach Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (1.16 MB)
- 14:45 - Diffusion MRI data analysis in the Lothian Birth COhort 1936 Study. Mark Bastin Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.53 MB)
- 15:00 - ECDF and the Social Sciences. Paul Norris Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.05 MB)
- 15:15 - Models of how humans say words: using ECDF to take a broader view. Suzy Moat Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (8.01 MB)
- 16:00 - Wishes and Challenges for ECDF development. Jean Ritchie [ZIP] (0.06 MB)
- 16:15 University research computing strategy. Jean Ritchie Adobe PDF Format [PDF] (0.04 MB)

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