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No Title Acronym Start Date
1. 3D OPT Microscopy Grid: Bringing the Grid to the Biomedical workbench 3D OPT Oct 01
2. 3D Visualisation and modelling of cellular interactions in plant meristems 3DVis Oct 02
3. 3Dmouse Grid 3Dmouse Grid N/A
4. A Centre of Excellence in e-Social Science e-Social Science Aug 03
5. A Co-operative Clinical e-Science Framework CLEF Oct 02
6. A GRID Database for biomolecular simulations BiosimGRID Dec 02
7. A Grid enabled distributed and federated Storage Resource Broker Grid Enabled SRB Oct 03
8. A grid services model for military applications GridMil N/A
9. A Grid-Based approach to the Validation and testing of lubrication models Grid-Based V&T of lubrication models Jan 03
10. A Market for Computational Services Computational Markets N/A
11. A Midlands e-Science Centre of Excellence Proposal:Modelling and Analysis of Large Complex Systems Modelling and Analysis of Large Complex Systems Aug 03
12. A problem solving environment for global biodiversity: prototype and demonstrator BiodiversityWorld May 02
13. A Proposal to add gamma ray survey data to Astrogrid Gamma Grid Oct 04
14. A Proposal to Evaluate OGSA/GT3 on a UK multi-site Testbed UK Evaluation of OGSA/GT3 Feb 04
15. A Proxy Credential Auditing Infrastructure for the UK e-Science National Grid Service pca Jan 10
16. A Scalable Monitoring Platform for the GRID GridProbe Oct 02
17. A Semantic Firewall SFW Oct 03
18. A South-West e-Science Centre of Excellence at the University of Bristol:Digital Media and Interactivity in e-Science Digital Media and Interactivity in e-Science Aug 03
19. A System for publishing Scientific Data System for Publishing Scientific Data Jul 04
20. Advanced Arterial Hypotension Adverse Event Prediction through a Novel Bayesian Neural Network AVERT-IT Jan 08
21. Advanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe ADMIRE Mar 08
22. Advanced Grid Authorisation through Semantic Technologies AGAST May 08
23. Agile Development of High-Integrity GRID Middleware High-Integrity Grid Middleware Feb 04
24. AMUSE: Autonomic Management of Ubiquitous Systems for e-Health AMUSE Feb 04
25. An e-Science Centre of Excellence at Leicester LeCoE Sep 03
26. An e-Science resource for High Throughput Protein Crystallography E-HTPX Oct 02
27. An Infrastructure for Adaptive System Development N/A Oct 05
28. An Investigation of disclosure issues posed by the Grid Grid Disclosure Nov 03
29. An OGSA Component-Based Approach to Middleware for Statistical Modelling SABRE Oct 04
30. Application of GRID techniques to the monitoring and management of key data associated with major Civil Engineering Sites G-Civil N/A
31. Artificial Neural Networks in Individual Cancer Management ANN Apr 05
32. AstroGrid AstroGrid Sep 01
33. ATLAS UK Computing ATLAS Apr 07
34. Bio-Logical: an intelligent database for knowledge discovery in functional genomics Bio-Logical Nov 02
35. Bioinformatics Summer Schools for Researchers in Biological Sciences BioInf-Summer School Aug 02
36. Biological Atlas of Insulin Resistance BAIR N/A
37. Biology of ageing e-science integration and simulation system BASIS May 02
38. BioMedical Research Informatics Delivered by Grid Enabled Services Cardiovascular Functional Genomics - An integrated distributed database facility BRIDGES Jul 03
39. BioQuery: A Bioinformatics Source Querying Environment BioQuery N/A
40. BIRN BIRN Oct 05
41. BPS: A Software Tool for the Simulation and Analysis of Biochemical Networks BPS Nov 02
42. Breast Cancer Tissue Bank BCTB Mar 08
43. CancerGRID CancerGRID Jun 05
45. Centre of Excellence in Networked Systems Networked Systems Aug 03
46. Chemical Structures Chemical Structures N/A
47. Cimate Prediction dot com (Centre Industrial) Cimate Prediction dot com N/A
48. CLEF-Services: Deployment for Clinical Trials and Longitudinal Studies CLEF-Services Jan 05
49. Climateprediction.net: Distributed computing for a global climate (NERC Pilot) ClimatePrediction.net N/A
50. Climateprediction.net: Distributed Computing for Global Climate Research - Demonstrator Project Climateprediction.net Demonstrator Jan 02
51. CMS Computing CMS Aug 04
52. Co-ordination, integration and distribution of sequence and structural family data N/A16 N/A
53. Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the grid. CoAKTinG Jun 02
54. Collaborative Analysis of Offenders' Personal and Area Based Social Exclusion N/A Oct 03
55. Collaborative E-Science for Spatial Decision-Making in Distributed Environments CESDEMIDE Jul 05
56. Collaborative Virtual Teams COVITE N/A
57. Collaborative Visualisation Collaborative Visualisation N/A
58. Combined EScience Data Analysis Resource for High Energy Physics CEDAR Jul 04
59. Complex In-Silico Experiments in Intergrative Biology N/A Sep 04
60. Computing Systems of Microbial Interactions and Communications on a GRID COSMIC GRID N/A
61. CONOISE-G: Constraint-Oriented Negotiation in an Open Information Services Environment (Grid) CONOISE-G N/A
63. Data Access & Integration Two DAIT Oct 03
64. Data Management through e-Social Science DAMES Feb 08
65. Data Query Processing DQP N/A
66. Dependability IRC: Dependable, Service-centric Grid Computing Dependability IRC Nov 02
67. Describing the Quality of Curated e-Science Information Resources Qurator Apr 04
68. Design Environments for Global Applications DEGAS Jan 02
69. Designer Algorithms for Astronomical Data Mining Designer Algorithms May 05
70. Developing a strategic approach to protecting biodiversity - Landscape Opportunities Visualisation Toolkit (LOViT) LOViT Apr 02
71. Development and Distribution of genetic circuit models for seasonal reproduction N/A` Jun 02
72. Development of an information repository for microbial genome comparison using a parallel, object based architecture Reposity for Microbial Genome Comparison Mar 03
73. Development of generic software for analysis, archiving and internet dissemination of brain and systems physiological data Brain and Systems Oct 02
74. Developmental Gene Expression Map DGEMap Apr 05
76. Digital Curation Centre DCC Mar 04
77. Discovery Net: An e-Science test Bed for High Throughput Informatics DiscoveryNet Nov 01
78. Distance CFD Supercomputing for Industry Distance CFD Aug 02
79. Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environment DAME Jan 02
80. Distributed Information Services for the Grid N/A04 Jan 02
81. Drug Discovery Portal DDP N/A
82. Dynamic Brain Atlas Brain Atlas Oct 01
83. Dynamic Net Data: Theory and Experiment Dynamic Net Data Mar 04
84. Dynamic Ontologies: a Framework for Service Descriptions DynamO Apr 04
85. Dynamic Virtual Organisations in e-Science Education DyVOSE Apr 04
86. e-Demand: A demand-led Grid Based Architecture for dependable e-Science e-Demand Mar 02
87. e-Infrastructure Use Cases and Sevice Usage Models eius N/A
88. e-PROTEIN: A distributed pipeline for structural-based proteome annotation using GRID technology e-PROTEIN May 02
89. e-Science Data, Information and Knowledge Transformation eDIKT Mar 02
90. e-Science Data, Information and Knowledge Transformation Phase 2 EDIKT2 Mar 06
91. e-Science Solutions for the Analysis of Complex Systems e-SACS N/A
92. e-Science Solutions for: Efficient Grid Hosting Environments GridShed Dec 02
93. e-Science Technologies in the Simulation of Complex Materials N/A13 Jul 02
94. e-Science Telescopes for Astronomical Research eSTAR Apr 03
95. e-Science Training Team at NeSC NeSCTT Jan 04
96. e-Star: Demonstrating the Power of Grid Computing to Solve Complex, ill defined problems e-Star Jan 01
97. e-STORM 2 e-STORM 2 N/A
98. e-STORM; e-Science Technical OpeRations Meetings e-STORM Oct 02
99. eDiaMoND: Digital Mammography eDiaMoND Nov 02
100. Effective Multi-User and Multi-Job Resource Utilisation N/A03 Nov 01
101. EGEE JRA4: Networking EGEE JRA4 Aug 05
102. Electromagnetic Scattering by Aircraft Elecscat N/A
103. Enabling Grids for e-Science in Europe EGEE Jan 04
104. Enabling the Global Discovery Network Enabling the Global Discovery Network Jan 04
105. Enhancing the Performance Predictability of Grid Applications with Patterns & Process Algebras Enhance Jun 03
106. Entangled Data: Knowledge and Community Making in E-(Social) Science N/A Jan 05
107. Environment from the molecular level: an e-Science proposal for modelling the atomistic processes involved in environmental issues. eMinerals Mar 02
108. Environmental e-Science IRC: Linking Environmental e-Science in the lab and in the Field Environmental e-Science IRC Apr 02
109. Environmental Risk from Ionising Contaminants: Assessment and Management ERICA Mar 04
110. EPIC - e-Science Portal at Imperial College EPIC N/A
111. eScience Pilot Project in Integrative Biology Integrative Biology Feb 04
112. eScience Usability Task Force UTF Feb 04
113. ESP-GRID: Evaluation of Shibboleth and PKI for Grids ESP-GRID Sep 05
114. Establishment of an Experimental UK OGSA Grid (OGSA-Grid) OGSA-Grid Feb 04
115. ETF Project Activities ETF Project Activities Aug 04
116. European DataGrid EDG N/A
117. European Network for the Study of Adenal Tumours (enSAT) enSAT Jan 10
118. European Society of Paediatric Endocrinology ESPE N/A
119. Exploitation of Switched Lightpaths for e-Science Applications ESLEA Feb 05
120. Exploring Chemical Structures: Fast Track to New Engineering and Biomedical Materials Exploring Chemical Structures N/A
121. Fast Track Fast Track Oct 03
122. Financial Information GRID FINGRID Apr 04
123. FireGrid FireGrid Aug 05
124. First Data Investigation on the Grid - FirstDIG FirstDIG N/A
125. FlowGrid Project FLOWGRID Sep 02
126. FutureGRID: a program for long-term research into GRID systems architecture Future Grid Apr 03
127. G-HydroFlex - Application of GRID techniques to the hydro elastic modelling of mono and multi hull vessels G-HydroFlex N/A
128. G-Ship: Product Description for Ship Motion Analysis using Grid Technologies G-Ship N/A
129. G-Yacht - Application of GRID Technology for Computational Performance Prediction of Racing Yachts G-Yacht N/A
130. GECEM: Grid-Enabled Computational Electromagnetics GECEM N/A
131. GEDDM - Grid Enabled Distributed Data Mining and Conversion of Unstructured Data GEDDM N/A
132. Genealogies of Knowledge - Developing Anthropological Middleware to Support Fieldwork-based Social Science e-Anthropology Oct 03
133. Genealogies of Knowledge-Developing Anthropological Middle-Ware to Support Fieldwork-Based Social Science N/A Oct 03
134. GeneExpress GeneExpress Aug 05
135. GeneGrid - a Grid Based Virtual Bioinformatics Laboratory Gene Grid N/A
136. Generation Scotland, Scottish Family Health Study GSSFHS Jun 05
137. GLASgow Early Adoption of Shiboleth GLASS Jan 06
138. GODIVA: Grid for Ocean Diagnostics, Interactive Visualisation and Analysis GODIVA N/A
139. GRAB: Biodiversity and the Grid GRAB N/A
140. GRENADE - Grid-Enabled Desktop Environments GRENADE N/A
141. Grid Based Information Models to Support the Rapid Innovation of High Value Added Chemicals (GOLD) GOLD Feb 04
142. Grid Based Medical Devices for Everday Health Medical Devices IRC Apr 02
143. Grid Enabled Biochemical Pathway Simulator Grid-BPS Feb 07
144. Grid Enabled Electromagnetic Optimisation GEM N/A
145. Grid Enabled Integrated Earth system model GENIE N/A
146. Grid enabled knowledge services: collaborative problem solving environments in medical informatics Medical Informatics IRC Apr 02
147. Grid Enabled Microarray Expression Profile Service GEMEPS Jan 06
148. Grid Enabled Numerical and Symbolic Services GENSS Mar 04
149. Grid enabled Occupational Data Environment GEODE Oct 05
150. Grid Enabled Optimisation & Design Search for Engineering GEODISE Nov 01
151. GRID for Environmental Systems Diagnostics and Visualisation GridESDV N/A
152. GRID Resource Scheduling GRS Jan 02
153. Grid Resources on Workstation Library GROWL Feb 05
154. GRid seArch & Categorization Engine GRACE Sep 02
155. Grid Security Report Grid Security Report Oct 05
156. Grid-Enabled Micro-Econometric Data Analysis N/A Oct 03
157. Grid-enabled Modelling Tools and Databases for neuroinformatics Axiope Sep 02
158. Grid1D Grid1D Mar 05
159. Gridcast - Using the Grid in Television Programme Broadcasting GridCast N/A
160. GridNet- A proposal to establish a UK Network of Excellence in Grid Computing and e-Science GridNet Feb 02
161. GridNet2 GridNet2 Jun 05
162. GridOneD: Java and the Grid GridOneD N/A
163. GridWeaver: Exploring Automated Configuration and Management for Grid Computing Fabrics GridWeaver Aug 02
164. Health Care Planning with Data Driven Resource Allocation HYDRA Jun 02
165. High Performance QTL Analysis via the Grid GridQTL N/A
166. Hydra I Grid Based Spatial Planning Services N/A Dec 03
167. HyOntUse: Hybrid User Oriented to Ontology Tools HyOntUse Oct 03
168. IBM Evaluation IBM Evaluation Jun 03
170. IECnet IECnet May 05
171. Inferring Quality of Service Properties for Grid Applications QoS GRIDS Oct 03
172. Information eXtraction from Images iXi Feb 03
173. Informing Business/Regional Policy: Grid Fusion of Global Data and Local Knowledge N/A Nov 03
174. Integrating VOMS and PERMIS for Superior Grid Authorisation VP-Authz Mar 07
175. Integration of Sequenece and Structural Family Data e-Family Apr 03
176. Investigation of the molecular pathogenisis and pathophysiology of Disorders of Sex Development EURODSD Jan 08
177. iX-Grid iX-Grid N/A
178. Jigsaw: Distributed and dynamic visualisation Jigsaw Apr 03
179. Joint Data Standards Study JDSS Jul 04
180. Large Scale Distributed Simulation on the Grid Large Scale Distributed Simulation on the Grid May 04
181. Learning Disabilities Data and Information Infrastructures N/A Oct 05
182. LinK-up: an e-Science sister project proposal LinK-up Jan 04
183. MAGIK-I - Managing Grids Containing Information and Knowledge that are Incomplete MAGIK-I Apr 04
184. Managed Bandwidth Managed Bandwidth Mar 02
185. Medical Imaging on the Reactor Reactor N/A
186. Meeting the Design Challenges of Nano-CMOS Electronics nanoCMOS Oct 06
187. MEROPS- the Protease Database MEROPS Oct 03
188. MIAS-Grid. A Medical Image and Signal Research Grid MIAS-Grid Jan 02
189. Microarray Analysis Summer School Microarray Summer School Sep 02
190. Middleware services and Tools for managing Resource Sharing in Virtual Organisations GridMist N/A
191. MixedMediaGrid MiMeG May 05
192. Mobile Resource Guarantees MRG Jan 02
193. Model Sharing and Co-simulation Standards for System Biology System Biology Standards Jul 02
194. Molecular Informatics Standards for the Grid molecml N/A
195. Mouse Atlas Database Mouse Atlas Apr 03
196. MS .NET Grid [OGSI .NET] MS .NET Grid Mar 03
197. MUlticast Streaming Technology MUST N/A
198. MultiFlora II: combining information extraction and knowledge representation for biodiversity informatics MultiFlora II May 02
199. MYGRID: Directly Supporting the E-Scientist myGrid Oct 01
200. myTea: Best Practice for Integrated Experiment Annotation Support myTea Nov 04
201. National Cosmology Grid and Remote Visualisation National Cosmology Grid N/A
202. National e-Science Centre Information Network NIN Aug 08
203. National e-Science Centre Phase 2 NeSC2 Aug 04
204. National e-Science Centre Phase 3 NeSC3 Aug 06
205. National e-Science Centre Research Platform Grant NRP Aug 08
206. NDG2: The NERC DataGrid and associated toolkit N/A N/A
207. NEOSIM2 NEOSIM2 Feb 05
208. NeSC ePortal Demonstration e-Portals Jul 01
209. Neural Open Simulation NEOSIM Sep 01
210. NeuroGRID NeuroGRID Mar 05
211. New technologies, new applications: using Access Grid Nodes in field research and training N/A Feb 05
212. NextGrid NextGrid Jan 05
213. Novel approaches to the analysis of genetic diversity in germplasm collections Analysis Germplasm Collections Oct 02
214. OGC/Collision Course see-GEO Mar 07
215. OGSA-DAI Demo for Genetics ODD-GENES N/A
216. OGSAConfig OGSAConfig Jan 04
217. OMII-RAVE Visualisation Demonstrator OMII-RAVE Jun 07
218. OMII-Security Portlets OMII-SP May 07
219. Op3D-Grid Op3D-Grid N/A
220. Open Grid Services Architecture - Data Access and Integration Services OGSA - DAI Feb 02
221. OPEN OVERLAYS: Component-based Communication Support for the Grid OPEN OVERLAYS Feb 04
222. OSCAR-G: Management and Use of Large Clusters within and between Virtual Organisations OSCAR-G N/A
223. P2P Optimisation P2P Opt Jan 04
224. PASOA: Provenance Aware Service Oriented Architecture PASOA Feb 04
225. Pepper’s Ghost Productions Grid (PGPGrid) PGPGrid N/A
226. Performance Evaluation of the NaradaBrokering Messaging System NaradaBrokering Performance Evaluation Feb 04
227. Performance Evaluation Process Algebra PEPA N/A
228. Performance-based Middleware for Grid Computing N/A15 Oct 02
229. Pervasive Debugging Pervasive Debugging Jan 04
230. Pharming of Therapeutic RNA Project siRNA Jan 09
231. Pilot Grid for Simulation of Biological Macromolecules N/A Jul 02
232. Pilot Semantic Grid Service for Environmental Modelling N/A Nov 03
233. PLATFORM: End-to-End pipeline for chemical information: from the laboratory to literature and back again Comb-e-Chem Apr 05
234. Presenting Ontologies in Natural Language Presenting Ontologies in Natural Language Apr 04
235. Profiling for Breast and Colorectal Cancer Profiling for Breast and Colorectal Cancer N/A
236. Proposal to provide an extended GRID support service for BBSRC BBSRC Grid Suuport Oct 02
237. PsyGRID: e-Science to Facilitate Clinical Trials and Longitudinal Studies in First Episode Psychosis PsyGRID Mar 05
238. QCDgrid QCDgrid N/A
239. Rapid Development Tool for Job Submission Portlets RAPID Jan 08
240. Rapid Prototyping Of Usable Grid Middleware N/A Apr 04
241. RAVE: A Resource-Aware Visualisation Environment RAVE N/A
242. Reading Environmental e-Science Centre (RESC) RESC Sep 03
243. Real-Time Text Mining For The Biomedical Literature- A Collaboration Between DiscoveryNet and myGrid N/A Oct 04
244. Real-Time Text Mining For The Biomedical Literature: A Collaboration Between DiscoveryNet and myGrid N/A Oct 04
245. Remote Microscopy Remote Microscopy N/A
246. ReQueST ReQueST Aug 05
247. Roadmap to ALMA: Enabling VO Access to ALMA data Roadmap to ALMA Apr 04
248. ScotGRID ScotGRID N/A
249. Scottish Bioinformatics Research Network (SBRN) SBRN Oct 04
250. Scottish Health Informatics Platform for Research SHIP Nov 08
251. Scottish Imaging Network: A Platform for Scientific Excellence SINAPSE Sep 07
252. SDO SDO Mar 05
253. Seamless Access to Multiple Datasets - An ESRC e-Science Demonstrator SAMD May 02
254. Secure Location-Independent Autonomic Storage Architectures ASA Feb 04
255. Security Aspects of the EU DataGrid N/A01 Nov 01
256. Service Composition for Data Exploration in the Virtual Observatory (SC4DEVO) SC4DEVO Jan 04
257. Service Level Agreement Based Scheduling Heuristics FlashGrid Feb 04
258. Shibboleth Development and Support Services SDSS Apr 04
259. Software Applications for Data Management SADM Jan 02
260. Software for the Analysis of Binary Recurrent Events SABRE Jan 04
261. Structure-based function prediction using peer-to-peer distributed computing Structure Based Function Prediction Sep 02
262. Structure-Property Mapping: Combination Chemistry & the Grid Comb-e-Chem Oct 01
263. Studying biochemical networks using probabilistic knowledge discovery Biochem Networks with Grid technology May 02
264. Sun Data and Compute Grids SunDCG Feb 02
266. Technologies for Information Environment Security TIES Oct 02
267. Technologies for Information Environment Security II TIES II Oct 03
268. Teleconferencing Using Grid Technologies TELEMED N/A
269. Telemedicine on the Grid Telemedicine N/A
270. The Application of Deductive Synthesis Techniques to the Rapid Assembly of Grid Applications Application Synthesis Jan 03
271. The CrossGrid Project CROSSGRID Mar 02
272. The Data Chronicles: A Repository for Social Science Metadata N/A Aug 05
273. The Electronic Geophysical Year 2007-2008 eGY Jan 07
274. The Gene Ontology Annotation Tool GOAT N/A
275. The Grid for UK Particle Physics GridPP Sep 01
276. The Grid for UK Particle Physics Phase 2 GridPP2 Sep 04
277. The Grid for UK Particle Physics Phase 3 GridPP3 Apr 08
278. The LHCb Computing Project LHCb Oct 04
279. The NERC Datagrid NERC Datagrid Sep 02
280. The RealityGrid - a tool for investigating condensed matter & materials RealityGrid Feb 02
281. The Use of GRID Computing to Facilitate Disclosure Risk Assessment N/A Apr 05
282. Towards a European infrastructure for e-Science digital repositories e-SciDR Jan 07
283. Training and Awareness Raising: Resource Discovery for Researchers in E-Social Science N/A Oct 03
284. Trusted Coordination in dynamic Virtual Organisations DVO Oct 03
285. Trustworthy GRID Resource Management Trustworthy GRID Resource Management Jan 03
286. Understanding New Forms of Digital Record for e-Social Science DReSS Apr 05
287. Understanding the Nature and the Role of Gesture in 1-to-1 Conversation HEADTALK Jul 05
289. VEGA VEGA Oct 04
290. VideoWorks for the Grid VideoWorks Jan 02
291. VIDGRID: Distributed Video Analysis with Grid Technologies VIDGRID Dec 03
292. Virtual Organisations for e-Science VOeS Mar 04
293. Virtual Organisations for Trials and Epidemiological Studies VOTES Jun 05
294. Virtual RatBrain RatBrain May 05
295. Virtual Universe VirtU Apr 05
296. Visualisation Middleware for e-Science N/A14 Aug 02
297. White Rose Grid e-Science Centre of Excellence White Rose Grid Apr 03
298. Wide-Area Distributed Problem Solving DIPSO N/A
299. Workflow Optimisation Services for e-Science Applications Workflow Oct 03
300. XSPAN: A cross-species anatomy network - a novel tool for bioinformatics XSPAN May 02


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