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Development and Distribution of genetic circuit models for seasonal reproduction


Multifactorial biological control circuits are hard to study experimentally but exhibit interesting behaviour, such as oscillations and non-linearity. We will develop a highly intuitive interface, model an important control circuit for the first time and distribute the models to experimental groups. The circuit controlling seasonal flowering is a classic challenge to biology with major impacts on agriculture. It comprises a day-length timer (based on the 24-hour biological clock and rapid light responses) and a slow response to weeks of cold. Emerging data now identify the core clockwork and also proteins that integrate day-length and temperature signals. True molecular models will aid this research, ultimately as an analysis tool linked from public databases via the GRID.

Maturity: Initial Research
Region: UK
Type: Research
Grant Value: £327,572.00
Start Date: 01/06/2002
End Date: Not specified
Project Status: funded
Funding Agency: BBSRC

Project Members
There are currently no Project Members associated with this project.

Collaborating Organisations
University of Warwick

Component(s) Project Develops
This project is not associated with any components at present.

Application Area(s) associated with Project


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