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MIAS-Grid. A Medical Image and Signal Research Grid



There are a number of factors that make research in medical image and signal interpretation difficult. Often very large quantities of data, with complex structure, are involved. Usually, related personal and clinical information is important. There are ethical, legal and clinical governance issues in what information can be used for what purposes. There are also issues of good clinical practice and audit, when image and/or signal analysis methods are used in drug discovery and testing. All of this means that the data is difficult to manage, and is often stored in a form where it is only useful to individual who know, independently, what it is, how it was acquired, from whom, and with what consent. We propose to tackle these problems by developing Grid based methods for managing and sharing images, signals, and related data. Key elements of our approach are: the use of metadata/ontologies to describe the structure of data, methods of acquisition and relevant clinical information; secure methods of sharing information; and information management tools to support collaborative working. The work will draw heavily on existing Grid architectures to develop a distributed image and signal repository and e-science workbench. The work will be applied directly within the Medical Image and Signals (MIAS) IRC, enhancing the scientific outpu of the collaboration. It will also provide a valuable test-bed for larger-scale applications in healthcare and biomedical research.

Maturity: Initial Research
Region: UK
Type: IRC
Grant Value: £475,000.00
Start Date: 01/01/2002
End Date: Not specified
Project Status: funded
Funding Agency: Core

Project Members
Prof Chris Taylor

Collaborating Organisations
King's College London (MIAS)
University College London (MIAS)
University of Manchester (MIAS)
University of Oxford (MIAS)

Component(s) Project Develops
Application Services
Collaboration Toolkits
Data Management Services
Data Mining and Analysis Services
Domain/ Task Ontologies and Metadata

Application Area(s) associated with Project


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