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A Proposal to add gamma ray survey data to Astrogrid

Gamma Grid

The current overview of AstroGrid states that it “covers all wavelengths from radio to X ray”. The aim of this proposal is to change that statement to “covers all wavelengths from radio to g ray”, and thus significantly improve the capability of the Virtual Observatory available to UK astronomers. There are several reasons why hard X ray and g ray data have not yet been incorporated with the virtual observatory concept: · g ray astronomy is finally ‘coming of age’ when compared to astronomy in other wavebands. Early rocket and balloon borne instruments were only capable of making pointed observations of a few preselected cosmic sources. However, the latest generations of satellite based g ray instruments are now generating large amounts of sophisticated data from the whole sky. · In the absence of reflective or refractive optics, hard X ray and g ray observation relies heavily on spatial modulation and multiplexing of input photons. The techniques required to extract the signal in g ray astronomy are fundamentally different to those in other wavebands, as are the intermediate and final data products. The new generation g ray missions of note are BATSE, INTEGRAL and Swift Survey data from these will be combined to form an overall archive spanning two decades (1990-2010). The temporal element is a key feature of any g ray archive since all high energy astronomical sources appear variable on all timescales from seconds to years, and variability is therefore a key diagnostic tool.

Maturity: Initial Research
Region: UK
Type: Pilot
Grant Value: £190,000.00
Start Date: 01/10/2004
End Date: 30/09/2007
Project Status: funded
Funding Agency: PPARC

Project Members
Prof A Dean

Collaborating Organisations
University of Southampton

Component(s) Project Develops
This project is not associated with any components at present.

Application Area(s) associated with Project
Particle Physics & Astronomy


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