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CMS Computing



The technical construction of the CMS experiment at the CERN LHC is well underway, with several crucial UK conrtributions. There are now many challenges in the area of e-Science, which must be met before the detector may be exploited for physics in 2007. We propose here a programme of work that will enable CMSUK to meet these challenges, inpreparation for rapid physics analysis at LHC turn-on. We request 33.0 staff-years of effort from PPARC, to be deployed over the period 2004-7. This will enable us to: construct and support the CMSUK computing system; prepare novel tools to simulate the CMS detector; develop a Grid monitoring system for the CMS subdetectors; and develop e-science tools for exploitation of the tracker, ECAL and trigger systems. In each case, the proposed work builds on existing CMSUK strenghts and expertise, provides scope for generic e-science development, and acts in direct support of our physics goals within the CMS experiment.

Maturity: Initial Research
Region: UK
Type: Pilot
Grant Value: £1,100,000.00
Start Date: 01/08/2004
End Date: 30/09/2007
Project Status: funded
Funding Agency: PPARC

Project Members
Dr Dave Newbold

Collaborating Organisations
Brunel University
Imperial College London
University of Bristol

Component(s) Project Develops
This project is not associated with any components at present.

Application Area(s) associated with Project
Particle Physics & Astronomy


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