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Distributed Aircraft Maintenance Environment



This project aims to build a Grid test-bed for Distributed Diagnostics. The application demonstrator will be a distributed aircraft maintenance environment motivated by the needs of Rolls Royce and its information system partner Data Systems and Solutions. The test bed will build on the emerging Grid standards and technologies, and will address performance issues such as large-scale data management with real time demands. Distributed diagnostics is a generic problem that is relevant to many application fields (e.g. medical, transport and manufacturing. The underlying research challenges within the project are real-time intelligent feature extraction, intelligent data mining and decision support techniques, where expertise and software tools are distributed across the Grid. The large databases and the need for distributed access to the data make this a particularly challenging problem for the Grid. The main deliverables from the project will be a generic Distributed Diagnostics Grid Test-bed; an Aero-gas turbine Application Demonstrator for the maintenance for aircraft engines; and techniques for distributed data mining and diagnostics and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the emerging Grid infrastructure for this type of application domain. The project builds on a key metropolitan grid infrastructure, the White Rose Grid (WRG), currently under construction between the partner institutions Leeds, Sheffield and York at a cost of £2.8M.

Maturity: Initial Research
Region: UK
Type: Pilot
Grant Value: £3,096,172.00
Start Date: 01/01/2002
End Date: 31/12/2004
Project Status: completed
Funding Agency: EPSRC

Project Members
Prof Jim Austin
Prof Lionel Tarassenko
Prof Peter Dew
Prof Peter Fleming

Collaborating Organisations
Data Systems & Solutions
Rolls Royce plc
University of Leeds
University of Oxford
University of Sheffield
University of York

Component(s) Project Develops
Application Services
Data Management Services
Data Mining and Analysis Services
Domain/ Task Ontologies and Metadata

Application Area(s) associated with Project
Engineering & Physical


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