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BioQuery: A Bioinformatics Source Querying Environment


The aim of the proposed project is to construct a pilot prototype in which K1 is used to provide source-wrapping facilities for TAMBIS. This is practical in a short project such as the one proposed, because an earlier version of TAMBIS uses a predecessor of K1 (CPL/Kleisli) as a middleware, although the organizations participating in the proposed project have not worked together directly before. Although the research prototype version of TAMBIS is currently available on the Web (http://img.cs.man.ac.uk/tambis), this provides rather poor performance and is based on an architecturally rather loose coupling between the TAMBIS and Kleisli environments. The Kleisli based middleware used in the original research prototype for TAMBIS was very much a stand-alone system. It lacked any API and thus communication between TAMBIS and Kleisli was file based. This made the interaction cumbersome and error prone, lacking any sort of exception handling. Nevertheless, CPL/Kleisli was seen to have the wrapping and querying facilities necessary to demonstrate that the TAMBIS approach to multiple resource querying was viable. Updating to the commercial version of K1 will enable us to build a robust, flexible and maintainable version of TAMBIS. The API available in K1 will allow a more flexible approach to queries, monitoring of progress and exception handling, thus providing a better service to users. The supporting tools, such as wrapper generators and test-harnesses add to this robustness and maintainability. By working together to develop a new implementation, the applicants hope to construct a cleaner and more efficient integration of the TAMBIS query planner with the K1 evaluator.

Maturity: Initial Research
Region: UK
Type: Centre Industrial
Grant Value: £40,000.00
Start Date: Not specified
End Date: Not specified
Project Status: funded
Funding Agency: Core

Project Members
Dr Robert Stevens

Collaborating Organisations
North West Regional e-Science Centre

Component(s) Project Develops
Application Services
Data Management Services
Data Mining and Analysis Services
Grid Information Service

Application Area(s) associated with Project


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