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LinK-up: an e-Science sister project proposal


In the UK myGrid is an EPSRC e-Science pilot building high level services for bioinformatics to form integrative in silico experiments in biology. The project is pioneering the use of semantic technologies technologies based on the W3C Semantic Web standards RDF and DAML+OIIJOWL for ontologies, to facilitate knowledge-based resource discovery and the description of workflows for reuse using a federated registry architecture and semantic descriptions. Its biological databases and applications are integrated in by scientific workflows and distributed query processing over the Grid using OGSA-DAI standards.

In the USA, the San Diego Supercomputer Center is actively engaged in as well as leading a number of complementary and related "sister" projects to myGrid and its related projects: The NIH-funded Bioinformatics Research Network,BIRN, (http://nbirn.net) is building a high-performance 'cyberinfrastructure' for federating neuroscience data using technolgies to allow biologists to design, execute, and share scientific workflows using a semantic mediation systems over based on ontologies over underlying grid infrastructures. The Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California are developing technology for "cognitive grids", a new generation of grid middleware where knowledge and intelligent reasoners are pervasive and engrained in the grid infrastructure. The NSF-funded SCEC/IT project, joint with the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) , focuses on developing techniques for interactive workflow composition and resource matchmaking that exploit knowledge-rich descriptions of scientific applications and grid resources. Al planning techniques are also being applied to automatically generate executable workflows that run over several days on grid resources.

myGrid, BIRN and SCEC are sisters. LinK-up proposes to explore common ground, share best practice, work towards common standards, and exchange software and ideas between these projects in (a) technical (information technology) and (b) domain areas (biology, ecology, geosciences). A workplan of joint meetings, visitor exchange, an Interoperability Fest for technically accessing and integrating our respective software and virtual links through the Access Grid and systematic sharing of software and documents. Outcomes include a joint contribution to the BioGrid Reference Architecture proposal in GGF.

Maturity: Initial Research
Region: UK
Type: Other
Grant Value: £40,000.00
Start Date: 01/01/2004
End Date: Not specified
Project Status: funded
Funding Agency: Core

Project Members
Prof Carole Goble

Collaborating Organisations
University of Manchester

Component(s) Project Develops
This project is not associated with any components at present.

Application Area(s) associated with Project
This project is not associated with any application areas at present.


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