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Entangled Data: Knowledge and Community Making in E-(Social) Science

This project will conduct a comparative study to understand how and why groups of research scientists do or do not collaborate using shared digital data sources. It will develop insights into the likely use and non-use of e-science technologies, and the social and technological innovations that may be required as e-science expands from its early adopters. It will do this by tracing the ways in which data travels across geographically distributed networks of researchers, and analysing the concepts of ‘community’ that are involved in making data travel. This promises to contribute to our wider understanding of academic knowledge production and disciplinarity. The anthropology of science as well as anthropological theories of exchange will shed light on the nature of these relationships whilst Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) provides an ongoing commentary on the support of everyday work practices with technology. Three cases of ICT-based data sharing practices will be examined, one in the physical sciences and two in the social sciences. One group are already using science technology to collaborate and share data, but are in the early stages of infrastructure and application design. The second group is longer standing, but analyses data complex enough to ask questions about both cultures of interpretation as well as grid-enabled possibilities. The final group uses a mix of technologies, and works primarily with visual data. The project will analyse the social circumstances of these three groups that make it sensible to share data (or not), by comparing discourses about sharing with actual sharing practices. The case study results will be translated into ideas for grid engineering projects and will feed insights into the e-science community through scenarios, concepts and an innovative ideation phase. The results will also be disseminated to the wider academic community through working and final papers.

Maturity: Initial Research
Region: UK
Type: Small Grant
Grant Value: £44,162.00
Start Date: 01/01/2005
End Date: 28/02/2006
Project Status: funded
Funding Agency: EPSRC

Project Members
Dr B Anderson

Collaborating Organisations
University of Essex

Component(s) Project Develops
This project is not associated with any components at present.

Application Area(s) associated with Project
This project is not associated with any application areas at present.


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