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PsyGRID: e-Science to Facilitate Clinical Trials and Longitudinal Studies in First Episode Psychosis



Severe mental illness (psychosis) is a major public health challenge. Current health policy has a focus on early intervention in the first episode of psychosis as a way of improving outcomes. The evidence for which interventions are best is patchy. Improving this evidence base is a core rationale for the newly formed Mental Health Research Network (MHRN www.mhrn.info) of the National Institute of Mental Health England. The twin aims of this proposal are:- 1) to establish an e-Science framework and functioning e-community which integrates academic and NHS partners in MHRN, so as to enhance research and development capability in routine mental health service settings; 2) to set up an information system to ascertain and characterise a large, representative cohort of individuals with first episode psychosis to enable hypothesis-driven epidemiological and intervention research, particularly into predicting and preventing adverse outcomes. PsyGrid will provide a flexible e-Science/Grid infrastructure deployed over NHSnet using existing governance arrangements for handling clinical data. We will leverage as much existing e-Science software development as possible, working closely with our e-Science Centres and our industrial partner (Microsoft). The PsyGrid e-Science platform will inform, launch and facilitate future externally-funded, hypothesis-driven research in four priority areas in this field: longitudinal studies of risk and protective factors for long-term outcomes, including aetiological inquiry; clinical trials in early psychosis; biological studies of the nature of clinical progression; and new methodologies for evidence-based service developments.

Maturity: Initial Research
Region: UK
Type: Pilot
Grant Value: £2,125,648.00
Start Date: 01/03/2005
End Date: 29/02/2008
Project Status: funded
Funding Agency: MRC

Project Members
There are currently no Project Members associated with this project.

Collaborating Organisations
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This project is not associated with any components at present.

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