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Publications ordered by Year. (28 in total)

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A Scalable Model of Distribution Promoting Autonomy of and Cooperation between PJava Object Stores

Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (Wailea, Hawaii, USA)
[More Details]

An Architecture Based Approach to Specifying Distributed Systems in LOTOS and Z

PhD thesis, University of Stirling, Scotland 1997.
[More Details]

Applying the Architectural Semantics of ODP to Develop a Trader Specification

Special Edition of Computer Networks and ISDN Systems on Specification Architecture
[More Details]

Business-Oriented Development of Telecommunication Services

Proceedings of Workshop on Precise Behavioural Specifications in Object-Oriented Information Modelling, OOPSLA?98, October, Vancouver, Canada.
[More Details]

Comparison of the SAW-ing Evolutionary Algorithm and the Grouping Genetic Algorithm for Graph Coloring

[More Details]

Customizable Concurrency Control for Persistent Java

Advanced Transaction Models and Architectures
[More Details]

Empirical Analysis based on Automatic Tool Logging

[More Details]

Exploiting Persistence in Build Management

Software Practice and Experience, Volume 27
[More Details]

Globus: A Metacomputing Infrastructure Toolkit

Intl J. Supercomputer Applications, 11(2):115-128, 1997
[More Details]

ISO/IEC 10746-4 | ITU-T Recommendation X.904 - Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing: Architectural Semantics

International Standard ISO/IEC 10746-4 | ITU-T Recommendation X.904
[More Details]

ISO/IEC 10746-4.1 | ITU-T Recommendation X.904.1 - Reference Model of Open Distributed Processing: Computational Formalisation

Working Document ISO/IEC 10746-4.1 | ITU-T Recommendation X.904.1
[More Details]

Main-Memory Management to Support Orthogonal Persistence for Java

Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Persistence and Java
[More Details]

Modelling User Views of Telecommunications Services for Feature Interaction Detection and Resolution

Feature Interactions in Telecommunications Networks IV, P. Dini et al (eds.)
[More Details]

On Zero-symmetric BZ-algebras

Journal of East China University of Science and Technology,
[More Details]

Order, Disorder and the Unmanageability of Boundaries in Organised Life

In the Realm of Organization: Essays for Robert Cooper (R.C.H. Chia, ed.)
[More Details]

Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Persistence and Java

[More Details]

Software Constraints for Large Application Systems

Computer Journal, Volume 40
[More Details]

Software Infrastructure for the I-WAY High-Performance Distributed Computing Experiment

Proc. 5th IEEE Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing, pp. 562-571, 1997
[More Details]

Specifying Multimedia Binding Objects in Z,

Trends in Distributed Systems: CORBA and Beyond, Lecture Notes in Computing Science, volume 1161
[More Details]

Specifying ODP Computational Objects in Z

Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems
[More Details]

Symbolic Bisimulations for Full LOTOS

Proceedings of AMAST 97, Melbourne, Australia, (M. Johnson ed.), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 1349
[More Details]

Technical Report on Formal Specification Techniques for Open Distributed Systems

ISO/IEC ? ITU-T Technical Report JTC1/SC33/WG7/N14466
[More Details]

The Design of a new Persistent Object Store for PJama

Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Persistence and Java, PJW2 (Half Moon Bay, California) Published as SunLabs Technical Report TR-97-63
[More Details]

The Persistent Workshop - a Programming Environment for Napier88

Nordic Journal of Computing
[More Details]

Towards a Modal Logic for Full LOTOS

Proceedings of Northern Formal Methods Workshop
[More Details]

Type Checking in Distributed Systems: a Complete Model and its Z Specification

Open Distributed Processing and Distributed Platforms
[More Details]

Visual Servoing for Online Facilities

IEEE Computer July 1997.
[More Details]

Women in the UK IT Industry - How much do we know?

[More Details]


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