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Paper ID: 1445

Condor services for the Global Grid: Interoperability between Condor and OGSA
John,Brodholt Clovis,Chapman Wolfgang,Emmerich Matthew,Farrellee Miron,Livny Todd,Tannenbaum Paul,Wilson

Appeared in: Proceedings of the UK e-Science All Hands Conference 2004 website: http://www.allhands.org.uk/2004/
Page Numbers:870 - 878
Publisher: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Year: 2004
ISBN/ISSN: 1-904425-21-6
Contributing Organisation(s):
Field of Science: e-Science

URL: http://www.allhands.org.uk/2004/proceedings/papers/280.pdf

Abstract: In order for existing grid middleware to remain viable it is important to investigate their potential for integration with emerging grid standards and architectural schemes. The Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA), developed by the Globus Alliance and based on standard XML-based web services technology, was the first attempt to identify the architectural components required to migrate towards standardized global grid service delivery. This paper presents an investigation into the integration of Condor, a widely adopted and sophisticated high-throughput computing software package, and OGSA; with the aim of bringing Condor in line with advances in Grid computing and provide the Grid community with a mature suite of high-throughput computing job and resource management services. This report identifies mappings between elements of the OGSA and Condor infrastructures, potential areas of conflict, and defines a set of complementary architectural options by which individual Condor services can be exposed as OGSA Grid services, in order to achieve a seamless integration of Condor resources in a standardized grid environment.

Keywords: e-Science, AHM 2004



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