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Paper ID: 2745

Education and Training Community Group Workshop
Fergusson,David Atkinson,Malcolm.P Plale,Beth Redelf,Ann

Appeared in: Open Grid Forum 18
Page Numbers:
Publisher: N/A
Year: 2006
Contributing Organisation(s):
Field of Science: Computer Science

URL: http://www.ogf.org/gf/event_schedule/index.php?id=359

Abstract: The Education & Training Community Group (E&T CG) will develop a programme of work to increase awareness of the importance of education and training for grid computing. We believe it is vital to increase investment in E&T to ensure that a much wider community is equiped to make best use of grid based infrastructures. To undertake this we need to share best practice, develop standards for quality assurance and mechanisms for sharing E&T resources. Best practice may include curricula, teaching methods, experience, teaching material and provision of t-infrastructure (i.e. specialised e-infrastructure/cyberinfrastructure for education including software, data and computer systems required to deliver courses and to support teachers and learners). Coordination may include consistent policies for student access, presentation of teaching material, and mutual recognition of educational attainment. Shared material may be curricula, recorded lectures, presentations and exercises, virtual experiments and practical experience of collaboration. Shared training support could include course scheduling and advertising as well as the provision of a shared t-infrastructure to support educators and learners. We seek to establish a consensus and collaboration in the development and delivery of education and training that will improve the provision and use of e-infrastructure/cyberinfrastructure. The goals will include: * encouraging recognition of the importance of education and training; * discovering, understanding and recording the current practice; * developing and presenting agreed best practice; * establishing mutual recognition of courses and educational or training attainments; * identifying the opportunities for sharing educational material and training facilities; * establishing best practice and policies for contributing those shared resources; and * establishing best practice and policies for providing access to those resources.




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