Workshop in eScience Applications for Seismology

In Association with eSI Thematic Programme: Seismology: from data to actionable evidence

07 March, 11 12:00 PM - 09 March, 11 02:00 PM

e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh

Organiser: Andreas Rietbrock
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Any slides or other material generated as a result of this event can be found at: www.nesc.ac.uk/action/esi/contribution.cfm?Title=1174

Recent earthquakes in Sumatra, Haiti, Chile and Pakistan have demonstrated again that better models for forecasting the occurrence and impact of earthquakes are still necessary. Seismic data volume and availability is currently changing dramatically, driven by the need that better and denser observations of the seismic wave field are necessary to improve our understanding of earthquake processes and their impact. Historically, seismologists have been and are still being trained to analyse 10s at maximum 100s of seismic records, which are recorded and made available by a mixture of national or international data centres. In the last decade due to large national and international infrastructure programs both the data volume (now 1000s to 10000s of seismic stations are deployed) and data availability (now close to real time instead of a delay of up to 2-3 months as in the past) have increased dramatically. Current ICT initiatives in Europe, Japan and the US aim at ICT solutions that increase significantly the efficiency of analyzing seismological data. These E-Science / Cyberinfrastructure developments are at an early stage where all can benefit from coordination and closer interaction. Specifically, on-going and funded initiatives, focusing on seismic data storage, exchange and availability can benefit from a strong integration and coordination of diverse developments to facilitate seismological and multidisciplinary data analysis. The main aim of the workshop is to bring together the international community working on E-Science related issues in Seismology to discuss visionary and practical goals and directions. This includes:

  1. Exchanging information on and coordinating various currently ongoing initiatives in Seismology especially in the US, Japan, and Europe;
  2. Discussing and exchanging ideas between seismologists, computer scientists and outside experts to investigate innovative and relevant technological developments and directions;
  3. Engaging the UK seismological and eScience community;
  4. Investigating relevant options that broaden seismological analysis within a multidisciplinary geoscience environment.


This meeting was webcast live.

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Target Audience

The workshop is by invitation only, as we aim at a small intensive workshop with about 40 participants. This should enable us to invest in creative and detailed small-group discussions. If you are working on large seismological data sets or your research is in the area of data-streaming, please email Andreas Rietbrock (A.Rietbrock@liverpool.ac.uk) or Torild van Eck (Torild.van.Eck@knmi.nl) with a note about your reason for wishing to attend and we will almost certainly invite you, unless we have reached our maximum number plus a few reserves.


This event is provisionally scheduled to start at 12:00 Monday 07 March 2011 and close at 14:00 on Wednesday 09 March 2011.

A dinner is being held on the 07 March at 19:00.


Assistance with accommodation is offered once you have registered.


Registration for this event is now closed. To enquire about an application or to cancel a previous application please contact NeSC Administration.

Important Dates

08 Feb - Registration Opens
04 Mar - Registration Deadline
- Date we will respond to your application by (Please note this is the latest date we will respond to your application. It is normal policy for us to respond within 5 working days where possible.)
07 Mar - Event Starts at 12:00hrs


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