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Donation of an IBM p690 e-Server to be known as Blue Dwarf

Richard Kenway, Assistant Principal for e-Science and high-performance computing welcomed the IBM team, the members of Scottish Enterprise, the representative of the Scottish Executive, and many others who had come to witness the donation ceremony and see the demonstrations.

Freddie Moran, Distinguished Engineer of IBM, initiated the proceedings, describing the long-term value of relationships between IBM and the University, recognised in the Team Talent partnership and by the IBM Shared University Research award of the p690 eServer to the Informatics School at the University of Edinburgh. The award of the machine is to help develop database research and e-Science research, particularly for applications in the Life Sciences. Professors Atkinson and Buneman were the named recipients.

Malcolm Atkinson, Director of the UK National e-Science Centre, outlined the potential of e-Science to change the way we do science, health care, engineering and business. He illustrated the necessity of engaging with this new approach to managing investigations, and to basing decisions on evidence gleaned by computers from ever-growing mountains of data, far too large to be interpreted unaided. The potential of this shared and collaborative approach to developing knowledge was evident. Many challenges that are stimulating our database and e-Science research are thrown up by this opportunity. Blue Dwarf will significantly aid this area of research. Atkinson thanked IBM on behalf of the recipients.

Richard Kenway, speaking on behalf of the Principal, Professor Tim O'Shea, thanked IBM for their generous donation, and emphasised the University's commitment to the integrated development of e-Science in all disciplines in collaboration with many external partners, such as IBM.

Eddie Frizzell, Head of Enterprise and Life-Long Learning of the Scottish Executive, welcomed IBM's contribution to Scotland and drew attention to the need to integrate the innovations with Scottish industry and Scottish Education.

The participants then enjoyed demonstrations of e-Science at work.