Grids and Applied Language Theory (GALT'03) 

Date: 16 October 10:00AM - 17 October 4:00PM , 2003
Venue: e-Science Institute, 15, South College Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Organiser: Dave Berry (National e-Science Centre)

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At present, the Grid community and the Programming Language Theory community have little interaction between them. Yet the Grid raises several issues that are potentially addressed by technologies current in the world of Programming Language Theory, and some that could likely be addressed by similar work in the future. This offers opportunities; the possibility of solutions to current Grid problems and the chance of testing applications of recent research in the field.

The "Grids and Applications of Language Theory" (GALT'2003) workshop aims to bring together members of these two communities, to discuss a variety of topics that may bring mutual benefit. Such topics might include:

The workshop will include presentations of language technologies and open issues in Grid research. In addition to speakers, panel and discussion sessions will give participants time to match solutions to problems. We will produce a report summarising the findings, and will hope to see useful alliances made to pursue further research.


A programme was prepared for the workshop.


If you would like to attend, please apply for this event using the link below:

On-line Application: Please click HERE

Please note online applications will end on the 9th October 2003. Thereafter application enquiries should be made directly to our Conference Administrator.

The event will be hosted by the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh which is a centre for education and research for e-Science, and provides new state-of-the art facilities including an Access Grid system.

Travel: The e-Science Institute is less than 15 minutes walk from Waverley rail station, and from St Andrews square bus stations. It is approximately 20 minutes by taxi from Edinburgh airport (40 minutes by bus). Please see our web site for a map of the area.