CCP/e-Science Workshop

Date: 15 December 11:30am - 16 December 3:30pm 2003
Venue: e-Science Institute, 15, South College Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Organiser: Mike Allen (Centre for Scientific Computing, University of Warwick)

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The aim of the workshop would be to allow the CCPs to become better informed and integrated into the UK e-Science programme. The CCPs represent a considerable community of UK computational scientists, with an interest in developing and maintaining libraries of computing codes - see for more details. They have shown a strong interest in participating in the e-Science programme, but so far have been largely unsuccessful in their applications to run Research Council e-Science pilot projects; and their work does not fit naturally into the e-Science core programme, being largely applications driven. In the coming few years, as e-Science technologies become mature enough to roll out to the broader community, we believe that the CCPs can play an important role.

Survey of users' requirements

Please take the time to complete and return the e-Science Grid Infrastructure Test-bed Facility user requirements survey. The questionnaire is available to download at /news/articles_and_calls/051203.html


Monday 15 Dec
Session 1: Establishing a Framework for Dialogue
Chair: Mike Allen
11:30Welcome to eSI - Malcolm Atkinson
Welcome to Meeting & Purpose of Meeting - Mike Allen
11:35Overview of UK e-Science - Malcolm Atkinson
  • Where are we now & Where are we going
  • Funding prospects
12:20Overview of CCPs - Mike Allen
  • Where are we now & Where are we going
Session 2: Technology Review
Chair: Malcolm Atkinson
14:00Available Grid technology & UK Grids - Rob Allan & Phil Couch
14:30OGSI, OGSA & Web Services Future Grids and Grid Technology - Savas Parasatidis
15:45Data facilities, management and Grids - Mike Doherty
16:30Data Access & Integration - Neil Chue Hong
17:15e-CCP1, exploring e-Science Technologies for Quantum Chemistry - Phil Couch
17:30Introduction to breakout sessions - Mike Allen & Malcolm Atkinson
18:00Hotel check-in
19:30Dinner at Beluga
Tuesday 16 Dec
Session 3: Usable and Programmable Systems
Chair: Richard Sinnott
09:00Portals & Workflow or Brokerage & Scheduling - Steve Newhouse
09:45Start two parallel breakout sessions
Topics and leaders to be arranged groups take coffee at some time near 10:45 but continue discussions
Outcome to report back to plenary AND develop workshop report
12:00Discussion groups report back
12:30General Discussion on the way ahead
14:00CCP Steering panel (15 people) meets


This event will be attended by the CCP Steering Panel, CCPs, Post Docs, Daresbury Laboratory support staff, and a couple of EPSRC representatives. Registration is by invitation only. If you have not received an invitation and feel you should have please contact the organiser. If you have received an invitation please register using the link below.

Please register before the 8th December 2003. NB: Accommodation costs will be covered for one evening - the hotel budget for this will be under 70.

The event will be hosted by the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh which is a centre for education and research for e-Science, and provides new state-of-the art facilities including an Access Grid system.

Travel: The e-Science Institute is less than 15 minutes walk from Waverley rail station, and from St Andrews square bus stations. It is approximately 20 minutes by taxi from Edinburgh airport (40 minutes by bus). Please see our web site for a map of the area.