Integrated Care Records: Problems and Solutions Workshop



11 December 9:30am - 12 December 16:30PM, 2003


e-Science Institute, 15, South College Street, Edinburgh, Scotland


Robert Procter

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Satisfying the growing demand for improved coordination and cooperation between healthcare providers presents a major challenge for healthcare planners. The patchy success record of past electronic medical record projects, however, makes it clear that the problems the ICR faces are numerous and often complex. The ICR promises timely and location-independent access to comprehensive patient data, integrated with respect both to type and to time. Advocates of the ICR have also pointed to an increasingly long list of shortcomings of the traditional paper-based medical record. Paper-based records are hard to access, poorly organised, incomplete, inaccurate, hard to read, lacking consistency in format and use of terminology. The ICR is seen as providing the means to eliminate these problems making available more and better quality data, and leading to better treatment and the realisation of 'seamless' healthcare. However, to date, progress towards the ICR has fallen short of expectations and studies cast doubt on whether the ICR, can actually deliver the anticipated improvement in information collation, distribution and use, and promote service integration.

The focus of this workshop is electronic health records: problems and solutions. The enormous growth in the use computers to store and access patient records present healthcare professionals (and their clients) with a wide range of opportunities and challenges in the delivery of healthcare. As Information and Communication Technologies increasingly play major roles in the provision and administration of healthcare throughout the world - it is clear that there is a growing need to share research and experience of electronic health record projects in action.

This event is for health informatics researchers, clinicians and managers.


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The event will be hosted by the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh which is a centre for education and research for e-Science, and provides new state-of-the art facilities including an Access Grid system.

Travel: The e-Science Institute is less than 15 minutes walk from Waverley rail station, and from St Andrews square bus stations. It is approximately 20 minutes by taxi from Edinburgh airport (40 minutes by bus). Please see our web site for a map of the area.