Visualisation Ontology Workshop

07 April, 04 09:00 - 08 April, 04 14:00

e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, , Edinburgh


Prof Ken Brodlie, Prof David Duce and Dr David Duke


Any slides or other material generated as a result of this event can be found at:

The aim of the workshop is to initiate an activity to develop a structure for an ontology for visualization, and to populate this. Such an ontology will provide a common vocabulary for describing visualization data, processes, and products. In the context of e-Science, this will be a significant step for the community, and is intended to support:

  • description and discovery of web services
  • sharing of process models (pipelines)
  • curation and provenance management
  • collaboration and interaction across distributed sites
  • The workshop participants will be prescribed some advance reading, and will be expected to help develop the ontology at the workshop and in subsequent weeks.

    The event will have a mix of presentations from experts in ontologies, and XML technologies for ontology representation, and experts with experience on building ontologies for specific areas within visualization. A significant part of the workshop will be activity-based, with the aim of developing a structure for such an ontology and planning its development.

    The workshop is targeted at all those with an interest in visualization services for e-science in the UK, plus potentially people interested in the development of ontologies.

    Invited speakers:

    Ivan Herman is Head of Offices at W3C and a member of the W3C team. He has worked in graphics and visualization for many years, most recently in Information Visualization. He has extensive experience of Web technologies, including SVG and X3D, and will provide an overview talk on the Semantic Web, including how to build ontologies.

    Frits Post is a Professor of Visualization at the University of Delft. Although his research spans the full gamut of visualization, he is especially known for his work on flow visualization. He has given a number of tutorials and state-of-art papers on flow visualization, most recently in Computer Graphics Forum in 2003. This depth of knowledge makes him ideally suited to classify the field, and start building an ontology.


    Registration for this event is now closed. To enquire about an application or to cancel a previous application please contact NeSC Administration.


    Agenda (subject to change)

    Wednesday 7th April

    08.30 Coffee/Registration
    09.00 Introduction: aims, objectives, and outcomes (Ken Brodlie, David Duce, David Duke)
    10.10 COFFEE
    10.30 W3C tools (Ivan Herman, W3C)
    11.10 Questions/comments on Ivan's talk
    11.20 Open discussion, selection of break-out topics
    12.00 Start of break-out sessions
    12.30 LUNCH
    13.30 Break-out sessions
    15.00 TEA
    15.30 Progress reports/issues in plenary
    15.50 Break out sessions
    17.10 Review/plan work for next day
    17.30 Close of workshop day 1

    Thursday 8th April

    09.00 Resume Working Sessions
    10.30 COFFEE
    11.00 Return to plenary
    • review outcome of groups
    • discuss issues raised
    • plan further work and publication of ontology
    13.00 LUNCH
      Close of workshop post lunch


    The event will be hosted by the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh which is a centre for education and research for e-Science, and provides new state-of-the art facilities including an Access Grid system.

    Travel: The e-Science Institute is less than 15 minutes walk from Waverley rail station, and from St Andrews square bus stations. It is approximately 20 minutes by taxi from Edinburgh airport (40 minutes by bus). Please see our web site for a map of the area.


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