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UK Condor week

11 October, 04 10:00 AM - 15 October, 04 04:00 PM, e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, , Edinburgh
Who should attend & Registration
Condor Users' Tutorial
Condor Administrators' Tutorial
Workshop on future UK Condor collaboration
UK & European Condor Activities
Information for Participants

Workshop on future UK Condor collaboration

If you are happy to engage in technical and strategic debate formulating a practical collaborative plan for Condor, the UK Condor community and the EGEE Condor community, please join us from 13 to 15 October.

To apply to attend this workshop please use NeSC's event application form.

Provisional Programme

This programme is PROVISIONAL, and subject to change!
Wenesday 13th October | Thursday 14th October | Friday 15th October

Workshop on future UK Condor collaboration
The Roadmap ahead for integrated UK and European Condor developments.
Wednesday 13th October
0930hrsSession 1: Condor Experiences The good, the bad and the ugly
Chair: Malcolm Atkinson
Outline: What are we able to do with Condor - our successes (mostly understood?) and the challenges we encounter - more information for those contemplating Condor use and establishing common ground.
 0930hrsWelcome - Malcolm Atkinson
 0940hrsKeynote: Miron Livny
The Condor Story (& why it is worth developing the plot further)
 1030hrs Experience Story 1: The UCL story & web service versions of Condor
Paul Wilson, John Brodholt & Wolfgang Emerich
 1045hrs Experience Story 2: The Cambridge story
M Calleja and B Beckles
1100hrsRefreshment Break
1130hrsSession 1 (Continued): Condor Experiences The good, the bad and the ugly
Chair: TBA
 1130hrs Experience Story 3: The Cardiff Story
Jonathan Giddy
 1145hrs Experience Story 4: Bioinformatics Applications and Workloads
Zachary Miller et al.
 1200hrs Experience Story 5: The Bristol Story
David Wallom
 1215hrs Experience Story 6: The Imperial College story
Steve McGough, David McBride
 1230hrs Experience Story 7: The CCLRC experience
John Kewley
 1245hrs Experience Story 8: The Southampton story & Engineering applications
D. J. Baker et al.
1400hrsSession 2: First Work Group Session
Chair: Malcolm Atkinson
 1400hrs Plenary session: Initiating the Working Groups
There will be 6 working groups that will operate in parallel. Each will have a leader, a scribe and reporter. Each will address a theme and identify the issues within that theme. They may raise issues for the other working groups. Their goal is to resolve issues sufficiently so that they can:
    1. Identify a potentially successful strategy for addressing them.
    2. Suggest the priorities with which they should be addressed within their group.
    3. Prepare a chapter of the final report which conveys their assessment of issues, strategy and roadmap successfully.
Allocate issues raised during planning and during the morning's experience stories to groups.
 1415hrs Parallel Working groups WG1, WG2 & WG5 start
Introductions & leader's plan for addressing the issues.
Allocation of roles.
Discussion and get down to real work.
1600hrsBreak & Refreshments
1630hrsSession 3: Plenary Progress Review & Applications
Chair: John Brodholt
 1630hrs WGs report initial progress / problem identification & issues
To stimulate background thinking and cross fertilisation between groups. Less than 5 minutes/group + brief cross-fertilisation discussion - identify issues for tomorrow's meeting of WG leaders.
 1700hrsThe uses of Condor in High-Energy Physics
Dr Dave Colling
1730hrsFinsh for the Day
Thursday 14th October
0830hrsBuilding Opens
0845hrsWorking Group Chairs' Private Meeting
0900hrsSession 4 Plenary: Applications & Deployment Demands
Chair: Martin Dove
Outline: Challenging application and deployment goals and extending the scope of / improving the usability of high-throughput job management - an applications' perspective.
 0900hrsExperience and plans for automating distributed Software Testing: ICENI, OMII, & ETF
Steven Newhouse
 0930hrsComputational Chemistry
Sam French (RI)
 1000hrsCondor-enable Computational Science for the e-Minerals Project Speaker
Mark Calleja
1030hrsRefreshment Break
1050hrsSession 5 Parallel Working Groups: WG2, WG3, WG4 & WG6
1330hrsSession 6 Plenary: Working groups report back & present their initial roadmap (6 minutes each)
Chair: Neil Geddes
 1400hrsDiscussion of interactions between roadmaps, proposed strategies
 1430hrsDiscussion leading to Proposals for an integrated road map
1500hrsBreak for Refreshments
1530hrsSession 7 Parallel Working Groups: WG1, WG3, WG4 & WG6
Analyse and respond to interactions with other WGs
Plan their work to complete specification of issues and approaches
Plan their completion of their Report chapter
1630hrsPublic Lecture by Miron Livny - please register separately for this.
1830hrsBuilding Closes
1900hrsCondor Week Dinner
Friday 15th October
0830hrsBuilding Opens
0850hrsWG Leaders' & Event Leaders' pre-meeting
0900hrsSession 8 Plenary: Developing High-Throughput Job Management
Chair: Miron Livny
Outline: Achieving economically a sustainable and dependable deployed high-throughput infrastructure that meets application needs, is trusted by resource providers and is convenient to use and manage.
 0900hrsExperience Story 9: Starting a bio-computation facility in Glasgow
Micha Bayer
 0915hrsExperience Story 10: NorduGrid
Haakon Riiser
 0930hrsExperience Story 11: Technion collaboration projects status: high availability matchmaker, Condor distributed configuration, resource "body guard"
Mark Silberstein and Gabriel Kliot
 0945hrsInvited Talk: The UK experience and plans
Neil Geddes & Steven Newhouse
 1015hrsInvited Talk: Flying in the storm 1997-2004. The Condor value in EDG, EGEE and beyond.
Francesco Prelz
1100hrsBreak & Refreshments
1130hrsSession 9: Parallel Working Groups: WG3, WG5 & WG6
Outline: Developing concrete plans and commitments to deliver report and high-quality infrastructure.
1315hrsReport editors' planning and coordinating meeting
1350hrsSession 10 Plenary: Integration, Commitment and Positive Future
Chair: Malcolm Atkinson
 1350hrsDiscussion: Computing Service Perspectives
Bruce Beckles, Hugh Beedie et al.
 1420hrsWorking Groups Present the Contents of their chapters
10 minutes each
What have we learnt?
What have we decided?
How do we follow this up?
Personal and community commitments.
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