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UK Condor week

11 October, 04 10:00 AM - 15 October, 04 04:00 PM, e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, , Edinburgh
Who should attend & Registration
Condor Users' Tutorial
Condor Administrators' Tutorial
Workshop on future UK Condor collaboration
UK & European Condor Activities
Information for Participants

Who Should Attend?

If you want to be a proficient Condor user, come to the tutorial on Monday 11 October.
A Condor pool may be set up and operated by a researcher, a systems administrator or a computing service. It involves identifying machines, describing them, describing their software and specifying the policies controlling their use. It may involve negotiating access through firewalls, convincing computer owners that running Condor does not constitute a risk and combining Condor pools across a grid to form a flock.

If you set up or run Condor pools or flocks or are considering doing so, you should come on Tuesday 12 October. If you're new to Condor we recommend you attend Monday as well.
Groups who are experienced at running or using Condor and the Condor team themselves are aware of potential improvements and additions that could be made. They are also aware of the value of sharing best practice. The final three days will bring them together, to form a community, to share ideas and to tease out a good strategy for the future support and development of Condor and the tools used with it. We hope that resource providers will be interested in helping to shape that strategy.

If you are happy to engage in technical and strategic debate formulating a practical collaborative plan for Condor, the UK Condor community and the EGEE Condor community, please join us from 13 to 15 October.


Registration for this event is now closed. To enquire about an application or to cancel a previous application please contact NeSC Administration.

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