Oracle Corporation and the e-Science Institute Seminar - Temporal Database in Depth: Time and the Data Warehouse

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03 November, 2005 08:45 - 17:00, e-Science Institute 15 South College Street, , Edinburgh
Organisers: Peter Robson, Anna Kenway

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Temporal Database in Depth: Time and the Data Warehouse

This technical seminar is based on the book "Temporal Data and the Relational Model" by Date, Darwen and Lorentzos.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS - CHRIS DATE Chris Date is one of the world's best-known specialists in relational database technology, and is making one of his rare visits to the UK.

RESPONSE - ROB SQUIRE - ORACLE CORPORATION Rob Squire is a UK based consultant actively involved in research for Oracle into techniques for managing time varying data within the relational model.



Chris Date will argue that the plummeting cost of storage and the widespread adoption of data warehouse technology have led to an increasing interest in temporal databases. The concept of maintaining and processing historical data has become a reality for many organisations. As a consequence, the ability to deal properly with the time dimension in databases has become an increasingly important practical problem.

At present DBMS products offer nothing to help in this area.

This seminar will describe a new approach to the problem that looks set to address the issue of proper temporal support - an approach that fits squarely into the classical relation tradition.

Rob Squire will discuss situations where business requirements would indicate the need for an application to manage time varying (i.e. temporal) data, including a practical demonstration of one approach to managing temporal data, varying data across several entities while ensuring referential integrity is fully maintained.

Attendees to the seminar will be offered the opportunity to question both speakers and exchange ideas in a panel session following the main presentations.

Who should attend

DBAs, data architects, DBMS implementers, database application programmers, database professionals


Morning session:
Chairman: Peter Robson
08:45 Douglas Shand
09:00 Chris Date seminar Part 1
10:30 Morning Break
11:00 Chris Date seminar Part 2
12:30 Lunch

Afternoon session:
Chairman: Malcolm Atkinson
13:30 Chris Date seminar Part 3
15:00 Afternoon Break
15:30 Rob Squire (Oracle Corporation)
16:30 Panel discussion (panel to be announced.)


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