Installing a User Interface for the National Grid Service

16 January, 06 09:00 AM - 17 January, 06 04:15 PM

e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, , Edinburgh


Dr Guy Warner


Any slides or other material generated as a result of this event can be found at:

The National Grid Service (NGS) is the core UK grid service resulting from the UK's e-Science programme. The NGS runs middleware that provides computation and data services. These services are accessed via a "User Interface" machine, on which client software must be installed. The goal is that by the end of the event each attendee will be able to install and configure the User Interface software.

This is the trial run of this course, and participants will be invited to give feedback to enhance future courses of this type.

Grid computing empowers collaborations across different institutions by enabling them to share resources of data and computation. Current developments using grid computing are in research ('e-Research'), engineering, public service, provision of digital data libraries.

The NGS is intended for the production use of computational and data grid resources for scientific and academic research purposes. Use of the NGS is available to members of the UK academic and scientific communities. Projects involving large data volumes, high computation requirements or geographically widespread collaborators may benefit from using the NGS.

Usage of the NGS typically requires a Unix (Linux) workstation to be configured with clients for a series of packages (Globus Toolkit 2, CoGKit, SRB, OGSA-DAI, MyProxy). This course will use a standard Linux install and take the participants through the process of installing these clients.

Session 1 is an introduction for those new to the NGS or to the packages being used. Those who already use the NGS are invited to come only for session 2. Session 2 comprises the presentations and practicals during which participants will install the UI software on the tutorial machines in the e-Science Institute.


Knowledge and past usage of Unix. This course is not suitable for anyone who does not have this knowledge.


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