International Workshop on Virtual Research Environments and Collaborative Work Environments

In Association with eSI Thematic Programme: Adoption of e-Research Technologies

23 May, 07 09:30 AM - 24 May, 07 05:00 PM

e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh

Organiser: Alexander Voss, Rob Procter (NCeSS, University of Manchester, UK) Tom Rodden (University of Nottingham, UK) Steffen Budweg, Wolfgang Prinz (Fraunhofer FIT, Germany) Malcolm Atkinson (e-Science Institute, Edinburgh, UK)
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The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers working in the areas of virtual research environments1 (VREs) and collaborative work environments (CWEs). Both concepts are characterised as providing consistent and dependable work environments for particular kinds of work organisation, emphasising the dynamic establishment of collaborative work contexts between independent partners. Further aspects such as the mobility of work activities and requirements such as security and confidentiality also play a role in both concepts. Despite these similarities, it would seem that the development of research programmes and the establishment of research communities within these fields has to date progressed independently. As a consequence, there is a danger of wasteful duplication of effort, conceptual divergence and technical incompatibility. The workshop’s aim is to address these concerns by soliciting contributions from the research community dealing with topics such as:

  • common standards, specifications and technologies
  • architectural styles and frameworks
  • development methodologies and user-designer relations
  • supporting research communities and eProfessional networks
  • computer supported cooperative work and workplace studies

Both experience reports and conceptual papers are welcome but we would ask authors of either type of contribution to deal with the relationship between VREs and CWEs by considering issues such as:

  • What is the common ground and what are the differences?
  • How can experiences gained in one field be translated to the other?

1We adopt the terminology used in the JISC VRE programme here but are aware of the use of different terminology, e.g., in the US (cyberenvironments, science gateways) and we explicitly wish to invite wider international participation.

Further information can be found on the workshop wiki at:

Target Audience

This workshop is aimed at researchers working in the areas of virtual research environments (VREs) and collaborative work environments (CWEs).


This event is provisionally scheduled to start at 09:30 Wednesday 23 May 2007 and close at 17:00 on Thursday 24 May 2007.

A dinner is being held in The George Hotel on the 23 May at 19:30


Registration for this event is now closed. To enquire about an application or to cancel a previous application please contact NeSC Administration.

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This event is sponsored by eSI in association with the following organisations:
  National Centre for e-Social Science     Joint Information Systems Council     BCS HCI Group  
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