Workshop for UK e-Science Educators

10 December, 2007 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh

Organiser: Mike Mineter
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Any slides or other material generated as a result of this event can be found at: www.nesc.ac.uk/action/esi/contribution.cfm?Title=834

This event will help to inform UK policy in the area of UK e-science education, through reporting to JISC.

This workshop seeks to:

  • build a network of UK academics who are lecturing on e-science - MSc or undergraduate levels, in all subject domains. To provide mutual support in materials and common infrastructure resources.
  • define the basis for cooperation in the sharing of material and infrastructure
  • create mechanism to propagate insights in e-science education
  • forge a further set of recommendations to encourage e-science education. These will be reported to JISC via the "Enabling Uptake of e-Infrastructure Services" project.
  • build mechanisms for the UK to benefit from its achievements on the international scale Ie. through the ICEAGE project (International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education), OGF, EGEE, OMII-Europe, etc

The overall outcome should be to start forging a network for mutual support for eScience education in the UK.

This is intended to be the first in an annual series of these workshops.

Target Audience

This event is targeted at those currently or potentially delivering courses or modules on e-science in UK universities.


The following agenda is subject to change. In particular, we are able to accommodate one more talk of 20 minutes - should you wish to offer this then email Mike Mineter, mjm@nesc.ac.uk.

09:30 Introduction to the day
09:40 Experiences of e-science education:
    We invite a representative of each UK e-science MSc programme to introduce their course/modules with a focus upon the questions:
    1. What is the core academic content to be communicated in a post-graduate e-science course?
    2. How do you communicate this in your course?
11:10 Coffee
11:30 Discussion
12:00 Resource-sharing with the NeSC-TOE Digital Library

An introduction to the Digital Library, and an invitation to use it.
12:30 What you need to know about Intellectual Property Rights.

Talk by Dr Charlotte Waelde, Edinburgh Law School
13:00 Lunch
13:45 Relevance of ICEAGE to the UK.

An introduction to the ICEAGE initiatives that are promoting international collaboration in education, and an opportunity to explore their implications for UK e-science education.
14:30 Discussion
15:00 Tea
15:20 Breakout groups
16:20 Report back and closing discussion
17:00 Close


Registration for this event is now closed. To enquire about an application or to cancel a previous application please contact NeSC Administration.

Important Dates

24 Oct - Registration Opens
03 Dec - Registration Deadline
03 Dec - Date we will respond to your application by (Please note this is the latest date we will respond to your application. It is normal policy for us to respond within 5 working days where possible.)
10 Dec - Event Starts at 09:30hrs


Enquiries should be made directly to our Conference Administrator.



This event is sponsored by Training, Outreach and Education in association with the following organisations:
  ICEAGE(http://www.iceage-eu.org)     Joint Information Systems Council       
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