Using OGSA-DAI to Grid-enable data for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - part 3 - Consultancy

23 April, 08 12:00 PM - 25 April, 08 03:00 PM

e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh

Organiser: Mike Mineter
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Any slides or other material generated as a result of this event can be found at: www.nesc.ac.uk/action/esi/contribution.cfm?Title=874

OGSA-DAI is an extensible toolkit middleware to expose data resources to grids. These resources may be relational databases, XML-databases, or files - and extensions can be developed to permit OGSA-DAI to support additional resources (such as the Open Geospatial Consortium web services used by the geographical communities). OGSA-DAI executes workflows that access, transform and deliver data and these can minimise the need for the transfer of large amounts of data around a Grid.

This is the last of three connected events, and is led by the OGSA-DAI team of the OMII-UK project. Participants in this event will have taken part in event 1 (an introductory course) or event 2 (a web-based extension of event 1).

This is a workshop in which participants seeking to adopt OGSA-DAI will explore their requirements in depth with the OGSA-DAI team. In advance of this event participants will be asked to describe their specific intentions for using OGSA-DAI, to allow appropriate preparation to be made.


Participants should have a broad familiarity with Grid systems and have some experience of Java. It is required that participants are familiar with the content of the related earlier events, (an introductory course, http://www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/871/ or a web-based course, http://www.nesc.ac.uk/esi/events/873/ ).

Target Audience

Participants are likely to be developers of applications for a research commnunity to use.


This event is provisionally scheduled to start at 12:00 Wednesday 23 April 2008 and close at 15:00 on Friday 25 April 2008.


Assistance with accommodation is offered once you have registered.


Registration for this event is now closed. To enquire about an application or to cancel a previous application please contact NeSC Administration.

Important Dates

26 Feb - Registration Opens
16 Apr - Registration Deadline
16 Apr - Date we will respond to your application by (Please note this is the latest date we will respond to your application. It is normal policy for us to respond within 5 working days where possible.)
23 Apr - Event Starts at 12:00hrs


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