Third Workshop: Trusted Services: Requirements and Prospects

In Association with eSI Thematic Programme: Trust and Security in Virtual Communities

08 July, 08 10:00 AM - 09 July, 08 03:00 PM

e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh

Organiser: Andrew Martin
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Any slides or other material generated as a result of this event can be found at: www.nesc.ac.uk/action/esi/contribution.cfm?Title=902

The First Theme workshop sought to determine the Application-Led Agenda for Security in eScience, and the Second followed this up by exploring the most urgent issues raised: Usability and Interoperability in Authentication and Authorization.

The aim of the Third Workshop is to move the agenda forward by considering application domains which have significant trust requirements, beyond those offered by current commodity (grid, cloud) computing models. For example:

  • Processing of clinical data, or only lightly-pseudonymized patient data: current dataGrid capabilities (for compute or data) offer insufficient strength of protections, and in some case insufficiently fine-grained access controls.
  • Processing of proprietary data (in Engineering, in Bioinformatics, etc.): similar
  • Very long-term archiving; evidential standards; strong provenance guarantees.
  • Trustworthy log data collection, reconciliation, and audit.

Presentations in these, and similar areas are solicited. Moreover, we will seek presentations from developers of technology who may be able to address these requirements with emerging tools. The objective is to discover synergies between these two, and to give the application development work an opportunity to influence the development of the tools. In addition, we will seek points of connection with existing standards, so that new architectures and components can avoid interoperability pitfalls and unnecessary re-work.

For further information please consult the wiki at: http://wiki.esi.ac.uk/Trust_and_Security_Third_Workshop

Target Audience

This workshop is intended for Security technologists and eScience Practitioners with un-met security needs.


This event is provisionally scheduled to start at 10:00 Tuesday 08 July 2008 and close at 15:00 on Wednesday 09 July 2008.

A dinner is being held in Howies Waterloo Place on the 08 July at 19:30


Assistance with accommodation is offered once you have registered.


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