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Grand Challenges for Computing Research Draft Proposals

Sponsored by the UK Computing Research Committee, with support from EPSRC and NeSC

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Discussion GroupModeratorProposalDiscussion Archive
GCProposal-0Tony HoareMaster Discussion GroupMaster Discussion
GCProposal-1Ronan SleepIn Vivo <=> In SilicoDiscussion 1
GCProposal-2Marta Kwiatkowska & Vladimiro SassoneScience for Global Ubiquitous ComputingDiscussion 2
GCProposal-3Andrew Fitzgibbon & Ehud ReiterMemories for LifeDiscussion 3
GCProposal-4Jon CrowcroftScalable Ubiquitous Computing SystemsDiscussion 4
GCProposal-5Aaron SlomanThe Architecture of Brain and Mind Discussion 5
GCProposal-6Jim WoodcockDependable Systems EvolutionDiscussion 6
GCProposal-7Susan StepneyJourneys in Non-Classical ComputationDiscussion 7