Imaging, Medical Analysis and Grid Environments (IMAGE)

September 16 - 18 2003

e-Science Institute, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh


Malcolm Atkinson, Richard Ansorge, Richard Baldock, Dave Berry, Mike Brady, Vincemt Breton, Frederica Darema, Mark Ellisman, Cecile Germain-Renaud, Derek Hill, Robert Hollebeek, Chris Johnson, Michael Knopp, Alan Rector, Joel Saltz, Chris Taylor, Bonnie Webber


Any slides or other material generated as a result of this event can be found at:

This workshop will investigate key challenges in the handling and use of distributed medical image data, and opportunities for international collaboration in using Grid technology to address them. It will cover medical imaging, image handling, image analysis and databases, with the associated issues of registration, metadata, ontologies, provenance, data integration, and clinical/research governance. The attendees will generate a working document that can be subsequently developed to a set of recommendations for further actions, collaborations, and funding.

The workshop programme will include several breakout sessions to discuss and write up certain issues. The topics currently under discussion are listed below; these will be refined over time in response to feedback from potential participants. In addition to the breakout sessions, keynote speakers will set the scene.

If you would like an invitation to participate, we ask you to submit a paragraph describing your area of interest and what you would like to contribute to the workshop. We will use this information to ensure that the workshop meets the needs of the participants as closely as possible. These will be put on the web site (for those accepted at the workshop) and made available to all participants, in order to introduce people to each other and initiate discussion.

Several general themes will run through all discussion. These are typically the driving applications or medical/research requirement, and may include:

Specific topics for the breakout sessions are likely to be taken from some arrangement of the following list:


We invite interested parties to apply using the link below, intimating their own interests, what they would bring to the workshop, and what they would hope to take from the discussion. Please write no more than 200 words. A list of exemplars is available for guidance.

Please note online applications will not be available after the 29th August 2003. Thereafter registration enquiries should be made directly to our Conference Administrator.

Draft programme:

Tuesday Sep 16th
12:00Registration and lunch
13:00Welcome Malcolm Atkinson
15:45Introductions to the workshop topics
  • Interactive Data Exploration and Visualisation
  • Image Mapping, Registration and Atlases
  • Image Analysis, Measurement and Query
  • Data Management, Transfer, Metadata, Ontologies and Provenance
16:45Decide group membership
19:30Workshop dinner
Wednesday Sep 17th
10:00Parallel working groups
11:30Working groups
  • Scope of topics
  • Assumptions that each group has about the others
14:30Working groups
16:00Working groups
  • Questions that each group has for the others
17:30 Close
Thursday Sep 18th
9:00Opening session
9:30Working groups
11:30Working groups
13:30Reports from each group
15:30Future activity

The event will be hosted by the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh which is a centre for education and research for e-Science, and provides new state-of-the art facilities including an Access Grid system.

Travel: The e-Science Institute is less than 15 minutes walk from Waverley rail station, and from St Andrews square bus stations. It is approximately 20 minutes by taxi from Edinburgh airport (40 minutes by bus). Please see our web site for a map of the area.