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Grid Computing Workshop

26 October, 2006 10:00 AM - 02:30 PM

University of Stirling Cottrell 2V1 (Talks), 2V2 and 2V3 (Catering, Demonstrations)

Organiser(s): Peter Kemp, Ken Turner, Richard Sinnott
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Grid computing supports collaboration among users and computers spread across a network such as the Internet. Grid computing has been enthusiastically adopted by a wide range of disciplines. Although early adopters were in the physical and life sciences, grid computing has been used successfully in other sciences, business and sociology.

The National e-Science Centre (NeSC, www.nesc.ac.uk) is chartered to stimulate and sustain the development of e-Science in the UK, including exchange of ideas between computing and non-computing disciplines. This workshop is part of NeSC’s outreach programme.

The aim of this workshop is to explain what grid computing is about, and how a wide variety of disciplines can benefit from it. Although the workshop is not restricted to participants from Stirling, it is hoped that Stirling staff will take the opportunity to attend. Subjects at Stirling that could gain from the workshop include Aquaculture, Biology, Business and Management, Economics, Environmental Science, Mathematics and Psychology.

Staff of NeSC will give a series of talks and demonstrations during the workshop. Existing users of grid computing at Stirling will also talk about their experiences.

Target Audience

This workshop is open to all interested parties from academia and industry. It is hoped that local staff will take up the opportunity to attend the workshop.


This event is provisionally scheduled to start at 10:00 and close at 14:30 on Thursday 26 October 2006.

10.00Introduction to The Day Peter Kemp (Information Services) and Ken Turner (Computing Science & Maths)
10.15Grid Computing and The Role of NeSC Richard Sinnott (NeSC/University of Glasgow)
10.35Grid Research and Applications at NeSC Richard Sinnott (NeSC/University of Glasgow)
11.00Grid-Enabled e-Research in Life Sciences Anthony Stell (University of Glasgow)
13.00The GEODE Project at Stirling Paul Lambert (Applied Social Science) and Larry Tan (Computing Science & Maths)
13.30The CARMEN Project at Stirling Leslie Smith (Computing Science & Maths)


Enquiries should be made directly to Andrine Rocks email: a.g.rocks@stir.ac.uk. telephone: 01786 467227



This event has been organised in assocaition with the following organisations:
  University of Stirling