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The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Peter Clarke, Chair of e-Science

Thursday 18 th January 2007 at 17:15

The Swann Building Main Lecture Theatre, King’s Buildings, Mayfield Road

What has the depth of Lake Geneva go to do with the UK e-Science Programme?


Research today depends ever more upon Computing in its widest sense. Large and complex “in silico” experiments are sometimes the only way to gain new insights, massive amounts of expensive data are being gathered from heterogeneous instruments ranging from telescopes to biomedical sensors, and networks are needed to federate instruments which are inherently distributed around the globe. As a result many application scientists become deeply involved at the leading edge of computing and e-Science. In this talk I will go back to some of the fundamental questions being answered in particle physics – the understanding of the Electro-Weak interaction and the quest for the famous Higgs Boson – and show how physics is one of the drivers feeding directly into the success of the UK e-Science programme today. [The relevance of Lake Geneva (and the phase of the moon!) will be revealed along the way]