UK e-Science at SC2005
12-18 November 2005, Washington State Convention and Trade Centre, Seattle, USA
Stand Number 922


Collaborative science requires access to large, heterogeneous data collections, large-scale computing resources and high-performance networking and visualization. .The British government under Tony Blair has invested over £250 million ($450m) in e-Science. Industry involvement has played a major role from the start and UK industries are encouraged to exploit these technologies to improve their agility and flexibility in a global market. The UK e-Science Programme has a substantial influence in Grid and Web Service standards.

SC2005 is the premier conference for High-Performance and Grid computing. The UK e-science programme will again be providing a demonstration and auditorium space to showcase UK activities in the exhibitor hall. Last year over 1000 visitors registered their names with us; we hope that even more will visit us in November.

The UK e-Science booth will feature 12 demonstrations running continuously and a busy schedule of talks. These will cover a wide range of technologies, such as high-speed networking, visual steering of large-scale computation, and federated access to distributed data. Application areas will include climate prediction, bioinformatics, earthquake simulation, particle physics and more.

Our demonstrations include entries in the SC2005 Bandwidth Challenge, HPC Analytics Challenge and Service Challenge. Come and see us!


For questions about the talks and demonstrations, please contact Dr. Dave Berry of the National E-Science Centre. For questions about the installation and organisation of the stand itself, please contact Dr. John Gordon of CCLRC




Monday 14th November
 7.30pmProf. Anne Trefethen, University of Oxford
Interdisciplinary supercomputing: The UK e-Science Programme [No Video]
 8.00pmProf. Peter Coveney, University College London
Integrative Biology: Coupled Models on the Grid [Paper][Video (50Mb AVI)]
Tuesday 15th November
 11am Prof. David de Roure, University of Southampton
The CombeChem Semantic DataGrid [Video (40Mb AVI)]
 12.15pm Dr Jonathan Essex, University of Southampton
The dynome: Exploring protein dynamics by terascale simulation [Video (45Mb AVI)]
 12.45pmProf. Yike Guo, Imperial College London
Bridging the Macro and Micro: A Computing Intensive Earthquake Study Using Discovery Net [Video (80Mb AVI)]
 1.30pmDr. Martin Dove, University of Cambridge
Integrating compute and data grids within the eMinerals collaboratory [Video (50Mb AVI)]
 2.00pm Dr Dave Colling, Imperial College London
GridPP deployment and operations [No Video]
 2.30pm Dr. Andrew Richards, CCLRC
The United Kingdon National Grid Service: Building a Production Grid [No Video]
 3pmProf. Peter Coveney, University College London
Simulated Pore Interactive Computing Environment (SPICE): Using Grid computing to understand DNA translocation across protein nanopores embedded in lipid membranes [Video (55Mb AVI)]
 4pmKeith Noddle, University of Leicester
AstroGrid: Providing Pervasive Access and Integration of Astronomical Data and Applications [No Video]
Wednesday 16th November
 10.30am Dr. Gianni De Fabritiis of University College London
Integrative Biology: Coupled Models on the Grid [No Video]
 11am Dr. Steven Newhouse, Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute
The OMII 2.0 Grid Distribution: What it can do for you! [Video (50Mb AVI)]
 12.15pmCarl Christensen, University of Oxford Predicting Climate Change Through Volunteer Computing [Video (70Mb AVI)]
 12.45pmProf. Malcolm Atkinson, University of Edinburgh
Exploiting Diverse Data Resources the OGSA-DAI way [Video (55Mb AVI)]
 1.30pmProf. Mark Sansom, University of Oxford
BioSimGrid: A grid database for biomolecular simulations [Video (55Mb AVI)]
 2.00pm Dr. Paul Sherwood, CCLRC
[Video (70Mb AVI)]
 3pmProf. G.E. Karniadakis, Brown University
TeraGrid Cross-Site Simulations and Visualizations of the Human Arterial Tree [Video (65Mb AVI)]
 4pmProf. B.M. Boghosian, Tufts University
VORTONICS: Grid Computing for the Simulation and Identification of Vortical Structures in Fluids [Video (65Mb AVI)]
Thursday 17th November
 11.00amDr Eduardo Gonzales-Solares, University of Cambridge
Managing Communities in the Virtual Observatory: a global system for authenticationand authorisation for astronomy [No Video]
 12.15pm Prof. Malcolm Atkinson, University of Edinburgh
International Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education [Video (50Mb AVI)]
 12.45pmDr Roger Jones, Lancaster University
GridPP applications and portals [No Video]
 1.30pmDr. Jon Blower, Reading e-Science Centre
Data streaming, workflow and firewall-friendly Grid Services with Styx [Video (70Mb AVI)]
 2.00pm Dr. Tom Jackson, University of York
Cortex II: A parallel FPGA machine for data search and analysis applications [Video (48Mb AVI)]


Last Updated: 03 November 2005