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UK e-Science Core Programme
Town Meeting
“Security for e-Science, approaches and interoperability”
Monday 11th April 2005, London

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An important part of the emerging e-Infrastructure is the security framework and mechanisms. At this meeting we will have representatives from the major Grid and related infrastructure activities to discuss their approaches to this problem. A goal for the meeting is to provide both an overview of the important issues in building secure interoperable infrastructure.

We hope to use the findings of the meeting as the basis for a security roadmap for the UK e-Science Programme.

Agenda (Coffee available beforehand)Presentations
  10.30Introduction - Tony Hey (Director e-Science Core Programme)
  10.50An Overview of Security Technologies, Peter Henderson, OMII [ppt] [pdf]
  11.10PBAC - Process Based Access Control, Steve Taylor, IT Innovation [ppt] [pdf]
  11.30Security Standards, Marty Humphrey, University of Virginia [ppt] [pdf]
  12.00Authentication and Authorisation in GGF, David Chadwick, University of Kent [pdf]
  12.20The Globus Security Architecture, Frank Siebenlist, ANL [ppt] [pdf]
12.40 Lunch
  13.40The EGEE Approach to Security, Olle Mulmo, KTH Stockholm [ppt] [pdf]
  14.00The VEGA Approach to Grid Security, Li Zha, CAS, China [ppt] [pdf]
  14.20Shibboleth - Rolling out a UK-wide implementation, Alan Robiette, JISC [pdf]
  14.55The Athens Service, X.509 Certifications and Shibboleth, Ed Zedlewski, Eduserve [ppt] [pdf]
  15.15Deployment of a Shibboleth-based Infrastructure in Switzerland, Martin Sutter, SWITCH [ppt] [pdf]
  15.35Grid Meets Shib, Von Welch, NCSA [ppt] [pdf]
  15.55Open Discussion
  16.45Summary and Close, Tony Hey