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Liverpool University identifies Grid benefits for industry - 16 Mar 04

HP Joins with BAE SYSTEMS, Others on Grid for Advanced Aerospace and Defense Design
HP - 5 Nov 03

Grid Computing Takes on Breast Cancer - 27 Oct 03

Grid Technology helps astronomers keep pace with the universe
Science Daily - 14 Oct 03

Grids over the enterprise WAN
ZDNet UK - 29 Sep 03,39021191,39116594,00.htm

Using a grid to spread the load: THE PROBLEM
Platform Computing - 17 Sep 03

Grid security: state of the art Grid computing soon could be central to your enterprise's networking strategy.
Help Net Security - 29 Aug 03

Oracle To Beat Grid Drum...with New Database, App Server, Management Releases
CRN Daily Archives - 07 Aug 2003

Japan plans super grid computer
ZDNet(UK) - 11 July 2003,,t269-s2137400,00.html

Forget the Internet ... Log on to the Grid - 4 July 2003

Welcome to the grid: unlimited PC power at your fingertips
Guardian Unlimited - 3 July 2003,12597,990086,00.html

£2m Euro aid for supercomputer
icLiverpool - 2 July 2003

Genetics role for Grid computing
Computing Magazine - 23 June 2003

Gateway snags first Grid customer: Gateway has signed on the American Diabetes Association as the first customer for its Grid computing service.
Internet - 13 May 2003

Grid computing attacks smallpox: A Grid-computing project designed to find drugs that would be effective against smallpox is more than halfway finished.
GCN - 9 May 2003

Rolls-Royce is confident Grid technology will earn its wings
VNUNET - 1 May 2003

John O'Reilly (Chief Exec. EPSRC) Views e-Science Grid in Action
28 January 2003,

UK e-Science Success at SC2002: A number of UK e-Scientists have been extremely successful at the recent SC2002 conference in Baltimore, USA.

Living On The Grid, A new model of integrated computing may let companies tap resources on demand
Information Week - 17th June 02

Full text of Tony Blair's speech on British science
Guardian - 24th May 2002,11126,721029,00.html

New Developments in Web Services and e-Commerce
IBM Systems Journal - 15 May 02

Official Opening of the National e-Science Centre - 25th April 2002

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