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GNAB2 Membership

NamePosition & Responsibilities
Prof. Malcolm Atkinson (chair) Director of National e-Science Centre and e-Science Institute, Member Grid Forum Steering Group
Dr John Brooke Deputy director e-Science North West, University of. Manchester
Prof. David Chadwick University of Kent & Security Task Force
Prof. Jon Crowcroft University of Cambridge Computing Laboratory & e-Science Core Programme Technical Advisory Group
Dr Martin Dove Director of National Institute for Environmental e-Science, Cambridge
Mr Alex HardistyManager, Welsh e-Science Centre
Prof. Peter Henderson Director of Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute (OMII)
Dr Shantenu Jha Research Fellow, University College London
Prof. Andy Keane Director Southampton e-Science Centre
Dr Stephen McGough London e-Science Center & Imperial College of Science & Technology
Dr Steven Newhouse Deputy Director Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute
Prof. Andy ParkerDirector of Cambridge e-Science Centre
Prof. Ron PerrottDirector Belfast e-Science Centre
Dr. Stephen PicklesUniversity of Manchester
Prof. Rob Procter Director National Centre for e-Social Science
Dr Chris Rusbridge Director Digital Curation Centre
Dr Richard Sinnott Deputy director, Glasgow National e-Science Centre
Dr Arthur TrewDirector EPCC, Edinburgh

GNAB2 Terms of Reference

The GridNet2 Advisory Board will have a membership comprised as follows:

  1. The director of the UK e Science Programme or his nominee.
  2. Eight members selected from or nominated by the directors of the UK e-Science Centres, Centres of Excellence and CCLRC.
  3. The directors of the NERC Environmental e-Science Institute, the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute, the Data Curation Centre, National Grid Service and the ESRC National Centre for e-Social Science or their nominees.
  4. Five of the UK staff actively engaged in UK standards efforts.
  5. The PI of the GridNet2 project.

Their role will be as follows:

  1. To review applications for GridNet2 funding, as in GridNet1. Three anonymous reviews are normally requested. They may advise: fund in full, fund to a specified level or donít fund. It is sometimes necessary to seek clarifications from applicants. This will be undertaken via the NeSC GridNet2 administrator. If the reviewers do not reach agreement, a further reviewer from the GNAB2 may be consulted at the discretion of the PI. The requests for reviews are always sent to institutions not involved in the application.
  2. To advise on policy for the allocation of GridNet2 funds and strategic standards issues, either via the quarterly GridNet2 AG meetings or via e-mail with the GridNet2 PI.
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