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Jim Gray (Microsoft)

During his visit to the National e-Science Centre and the University of Edinburgh Mr Jim Gray gave a lecture entitled "The World-Wide Telescope as a Prototype for the New Computational Science". The lecture was broadcast live on the internet and attracted a large audience in the Swann Building lecture theatre where it was held.

Jim Gray described how the astronomy community are making their data available on the internet, therefore making it accessible to astronomers worldwide. This is what astronomers are referring to as the virtual observatory also called the World Wide Telescope (WWT). His talk provided the rational for the WWT and discussed the design of the database he has developed for the WWT; he also argued the case that XML is the key to federating diverse data sources.

Jim Gray (Microsoft) and Malcolm Atkinson (NeSC)

Jim works as part of Microsoft's research group. His work focuses on databases and transaction processing. Professor Gray is active in the research community, is an ACM, NAE, NAS and AAAS Fellow, and received the ACM Turing Award for his work on transaction processing. He edits a book series on data management, and is active in building online databases like http://terraService.Net/ and http://skyserver.sdss.org. Jim's homepage is http://research.microsoft.com/~Gray/.

Dave Berry (NeSC), Bob Mann (ROE, NeSC) and Jim Gray (Microsoft)

After the lecture those that attended enjoyed light refreshments and had the chance to speak to Jim.

The media file of Jims lecture will be available from this site shortly.



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