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WEDS: a Web services based Environment for Distributed Simulation

University College London are pleased to announce the official public release of WEDS, a Web services based Environment for Distributed Simulation, a powerful and simple middleware scheme designed to let scientists deploy pre-existing application codes across multiple resources primarily within an administrative domain. WEDS is a perl-based lightweight hosting environment designed to provide WSRF-compliant web services in a distributed computing environment which may include high-end resources. The scheme is WSRF-compliant, adhering to the current WSRF web services specification, and is built on top of a WSRF::Lite container.

WEDS is easy to install and use, requiring little effort on behalf of the user. Visualisation and steering is also possible within the WEDS environment with minimal modification to the application code pertaining to the steerable system parameters.

Once an application code has been built on a piece of computer hardware, including the application in the WEDS environment is straightforward. We currently host within the WEDS environment the molecular dynamics codes NAMD and LAMMPS, and the lattice Boltzmann fluid dynamics codes LB2D and LB3D.

WEDS is funded within the EPSRC RealityGrid project, grant number GR/R67699/01(www.realitygrid.org), OMII RAHWL (Robust Application Hosting in WSRF::Lite, http://www.omii.ac.uk/mp/mp_wsrf_lite.htm) and by the EPRSC Rapid Prototyping of Usable Grid Middleware e-Science Best Practice project, grant number GR/T27488/01. WEDS is distributed free of charge.

WEDS source code and documentation is available for download from http://www.realitygrid.org/weds/index.php

Questions, comments, and bug reports are welcomed and may be sent to weds-discuss@ucl.ac.uk.


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