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7th September 2007

The OGSA-DAI project, a partner in OMII-UK, have released version 3.0 of their database access and integration software.

OGSA-DAI provides an extensible framework designed for the exposure of structured data resources - whether these be databases, files or other types of data - onto a Grid. It allows these to be accessed via Web services. Most importantly, it provides a workflow engine for the execution of data-centric workflows involving data access, update, transformation and delivery operations.

Driven by requirements from users the OGSA-DAI team have produced OGSA-DAI 3.0. This is a complete redesign and rewrite of the OGSA-DAI software and includes a number of major changes implemented in response to requirements from existing users:

  • OGSA-DAI's workflow units have been simplified and unified to be both more extensible and standardised, and to allow workflows to be composed more easily.
  • Multiple databases can be utilised within the scope of a single workflow.
  • Different parts of a workflow can operate upon different parts of a data stream concurrently.
  • Resources and services have been refactored to improve modularity and reduce functional overloading.
  • APIs have been completely refactored to allow developers to utilise application-specific functionality and databases within OGSA-DAI more easily.

Versions of this release compliant with Axis 1.4, Axis 1.2.1 and Globus Toolkit 4.0.5 are available.

This release provides a powerful product for both data integrators and developers of data applications to build upon and which the OGSA-DAI team hopes will benefit the e-Science community.

To download OGSA-DAI 3.0 visit:

To find out more about OGSA-DAI 3.0 read the user doc at:

To find out more about OGSA-DAI visit:


The OGSA-DAI project - which involves both EPCC and NeSC - is funded by EPSRC through OMII-UK.

For further information, contact the OGSA-DAI team (info@ogsadai.org.uk).

For further information about OMII-UK visit http://www.omii.ac.uk.



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