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Data Access and Integration for the Grid

The first release of the OGSA-DAI software is available from

This limited functionality alpha release includes GridDataService, GridDataServiceFactory and GridDataServiceRegistry components, as well as example clients. These allows you to connect to MySQL and XIndice databases and have been tested on Windows 2000/XP, Redhat Linux 8, and Solaris 8.

This release is based on the OGSA Technology Preview 4 from the Globus Team.

A two day training course for the software will be run on the 11th and 12th of February at the e-Science Institute, Edinburgh. For further details, and to register, visit:

The future release schedule is:
  • February 2003: R1.5 enabling OGSA-DAI to utilise Globus Toolkit 3 Alpha
  • March 2003: R2 some additional functionality and refactoring
  • May 2003: R2.5 ensuring compatibility with GT3 Beta
  • July 2003: R3 final release adding functionality and ensuring compatibility with GT3 Final
An OGSA-DAI users mailing list is available - send a message containing "subscribe users" to majordomo@ogsadai.org.uk

The OGSA-DAI Project Team


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