e-Science Institute unveils the Swanston Training Room.


  The e-Science Institute unveiled its new training room during the EU Datagrid Tutorial in the first week of December. The Swanston Training Room was implemented in response to the ever increasing demand for eSI to provide 'hands on' training courses such as Introduction to the Java Programming Language, Advanced Java for Web Services and a Globus 3 tutorial early in the New Year. 

The training room houses twenty PCs configurable with a variety of Windows or Linux operating system builds. The use of Ghost to install images to all machines concurrently, significantly reduces management overhead, and provides speedy and flexible reconfigurations of the system build. In order to reduce the need for further refurbishment of the room, networking for the training system is by Wireless LAN which also has the added advantage of increasing the flexibility of the room layout.

It is anticipated that the provision of the training room will significantly increase the number of workshops that eSI is able to provide and host.

Professor Malcolm Atkinson, Director of the National e-Science Centre said:

"e-Science depends on people building real systems to tackle the challenging problems of collaborative use of scientific data and models.  The training room will help UK's e-Scientists to work together to build the necessary skills and experience."

If you are interested in running a 'hands on' e-Science workshop please contact manager@nesc.ac.uk.

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